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Is your posture responsible for your back and neck pain? The answer may be "yes" !

Michael Shellshear Alexander Technique


Posture can often be the key to resolving a range of associated health issues such as back pain, neck pain and limb pain. Get ready to be surprised and delighted. Alexander Technique is unlike any other approach to health. 

Reclaim your life. Learn Alexander Technique to manage pain conditions and to move with greater ease and coordination. Find out more

Strains, sprains, falls and trips cost workplaces hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Alexander Technique provides a very successful intervention where  worker health and safety are threatened by chronic postural, movement and muscular strain issues. Research shows that for every $1 spent on health and well-being programs the return for companies is aproximately $5. Alexander Technique is a seriously pragmatic approach to your workforce health and well being. Read more here 




Alexander Technique health and well being program

what to do about back pain right now


What can I do about my back pain now?

If your back pain is new, make an appointment to see your doctor-but in the meantime try this procedure to get some immediate relief. If your back pain is recurring try this daily routine for relief.

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Michael Shellshear Alexander Technique