Alexander Technique can assist you to manage pain, improve your movement and posture and regain ease of movement.

Many people study Alexander Technique

People from all walks of life, all ages and all professions study Alexander Technique to eradicate bad habits that interfere with good health.

Poor posture can put pressure on your muscles, bones, blood vessels and nerves. This can lead to many kinds of aches and pains.

FM Alexander (1869-1955) made a number of discoveries about movement and human response that were ahead of their time.

When you understand the discoveries that Alexander made about human posture and movement, you may discover that your movement is meant to be easy and free. You will learn how to re-introduce ease, coordination and uprightness into all your activities. 

Alexander Technique is a skill that is inspiring, amazing and unlike anything else that you've studied. The possible benefits of Alexander Technique are demonstrated by extensive research that has been carried out around the world.

In England, a recent randomised control study sponsored by the British Medical Journal found that chronic pain sufferers started experiencing reduction in their pain symptoms after only six lessons! After twenty four lessons chronic back pain sufferers reported up to 86% less pain days than before they started-one year after they stopped taking lessons!

Alexander Technique is a new approach to being well. It's not a therapy; it's learning.  To find out more about lessons click here

British Medical Journal Study on AT


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