Semi supine for back pain relief

Immediate back pain relief with Alexander Technique semi supine

The semi supine position which is shown in the illustration above will give relief to even intense discomfort . Follow the instructions below .

1.Get some paperback books. Start with a pile about 8cms high. Vary the height to suit . 

2.Place the books on a carpeted floor. When you lie down, your head will use those books as a hard cushion. Later on for a more comfortable cushion consider buying a Backsaver cushion from us.(see the sidebar)

3. Make sure you have a chair or piece of furniture that is close at hand so that you can use it to help yourself get up and down.

4. You now need to lie on the carpeted floor with your head on the books, as shown in the photo. Take great care getting down. It may be painful for a moment but when you are lying down your body will start to settle. This procedure is no good on a bed or soft surface. A carpeted floor or a yoga mat on a wooden floor are important ingredients. The firmness of surface assists the back muscles to let go.

5. It's important to bring your knees up-like in the photo. If this is difficult get some pillows and place them under your knees. Having your legs folded takes pressure off some deep muscles that go directly into your back. In Alexander lessons I will show you exactly which muscles and how you can reduce pressure on them.

6. For some people lying like this will give instant relief-for others it takes a moment or two and you may feel some discomfort as your body finds its place. 

7.Once settled into this position, stay lying for about 15 minutes. Please feel free to listen to some gentle music but don't try watching television, computer screens, i-phones etc as this will put pressure at the top of your spine.

Alexander Technique students use this 15 minutes to scan their bodies and request muscles to let go and relax. You will learn this technique in Alexander lessons.

8. After about 15 minutes it's time to get up. It's not recommended that you stay for too long in semi-supine because your back muscles can get cold and the hardness of the floor can work against you.

9. Think about how you are going to get back up. It's important to roll onto one side. When you roll  think of your eyes leading you to the side then let your head follow then your arm then back/torso then your legs. Move gently and carefully. From your position on your side keep rolling, come onto your hands and knees. Use a chair or piece of nearby furniture to help you get up slowly and easily.

10. Does your back feel a bit better? I hope the answer is yes. Do the semi-supine once or twice a day. It should help. Remember, if semi supine isn't helping at all, then it is wise to check with a doctor. Back pain is usually caused by spasming or injured muscles or pressure coming onto nerves but sometimes it can be a symptom of other health issues that need medical treatment. OK, so you're feeling a bit better? Isn't it time you seriously consider having some Alexander Technique lessons? The sooner the better. Alexander can assist you to manage this back pain condition and get on with life. Click here to find out more



BAcksaver helps to relieve your back and neck pain

Many of my students prefer to use the Backsaver cushion rather than books.

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