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Companies have to manage uncertainty.  An Alexander Technique program provides an alternative approach to health and well-being that addresses many of the issues that prevent you getting the job done. The greatest area of injury is body strain injury. Alexander Technique revolutionises the way your staff move and feel. Whether you target  staff who are most at risk or develop an organisation wide program Alexander Technique is also a great incentive for employees to stay on.

"Organisations that implement health and wellbeing
strategies can reduce their employees’ health risk
factors by up to 56%." worksafe victoria

Studies show that Alexander Technique results in a decrease of chronic pain symptoms by up to 86% in some cases. (British Medical Journal Study 2008)

Study shows reduction in pain by 86% Alexander Technique

Look at the BMJ study results in the graph. An Alexander Technique approach provided 86% reduction in pain days (averaged) to a randomised control group who were interviewed 1 year after their series of lessons ended!!  There is no other approach like Alexander Technique. It's unique.

"The healthiest Australian employees are almost three
   times more productive than their unhealthy colleagues." worksafe victoria

You need your staff engaged, present with their mind on the task; not thinking about their back pain, their aching arms and legs or their neck discomfort.

Alexander teaches people to centre their attention and to develop calm habits.

Body stress injuries are the largest area of injury in Australia. Each movement related workplace injury costs on average $250,000. Your company can accept that scenario or proactively turn the situation around.  Alexander Technique is one such proactive strategy.

An Alexander Technique program presents value. Astounding figures show that for every dollar you spend on staff health and wellbeing the cost benefit is up to five dollars return in reduced injury, lost time and absenteeism! (Safework Victoria)  Add to this Alexander's proven effectiveness and the benefits that it provides. It could well be the best initiative your company has implemented to reduce costs and raise morale and productivity. 

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Here is a selection of companies who are already in the know about Alexander Technique.They use it to turnaround absenteeism, pain and suffering, high injury rates, low staff morale.

Victorinox Swiss Knife company • Commonwealth Department of Parliamentary Reporting Staff • Unicible IT company • Siemens AG Electrical engineering company • Ville de Lausanne Town services • Australian Tax Office Sydney. • Alliance Insurance Corporation Insurance company • Chevron-Texaco Energy company • Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center Hospital • Israel Air Force Army • BBC Bristol Communications company • Holsteiner Catering Restaurants • Kampovsky Windows factory • Zurich Financial Services Insurance company • Palau de la Música Valencia Orchestra • Kommunal Trade Union • NHS UK (National health services) National Health Service • UMassFive College Federal Credit Union Independent non-profit making Financial Cooperative • Fundació Collserola School • CEIP Fontanelles School • De Hartekamp Groep Foundation for handicapped people • Put your company's name right here•




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