Here are 5 top reasons that you’ll love our Alexander Technique studio

2021  will be a transformative year for Jane & Michael Shellshear at Blue Mountains Alexander Technique. You can be a part of it.  That’s because their Alexander Technique Studio project is nearing completion. The new Alexander Technique Studio will provide a dedicated space for them to bring Alexander Technique work into the community. It is set in beautiful landscaped gardens. Here are 5 top reasons that we think you’ll love the Alexander Technique Studio at Leura.

1. Love our vision

Jane and Michael have had a vision, for a long time, of residents of the Blue Mountains and visitors from further afield coming into a peaceful garden setting to immerse themselves in mindfulness, Alexander Technique and the path of change. We feel that our students won’t be just coming for Alexander lessons, they’ll be coming for an Alexander Technique experience.

Alexander Technique Studio design


2. A brilliant garden design team

Michael & Jane turned to landscape designer Justin Hungerford to realise their vision. That’s because his design style is beautiful, integrative and understands the eloquence of the mountains. The photo above is the western side of the design. There is also an eastern side that uses rock, water, crushed granite & wooden pathways, tree ferns and maple trees to provide an attractive discovery path to the new Alexander Technique Studio. A new water feature surrounded by ironstone found on the property and tree ferns will let water fall into a rock pool providing sound, texture and movement.  Tom Buchanan of Bespoke_Backyards Blackheath and his team are expertly and faithfully implementing  the design in stages. It is a large property on the Grose Valley side of Leura. Each stage of the project has come with challenges which Tom and team have met and overcome.  For Michael & Jane, it has been a journey  to see the design come to life from the back of their property and make its way up to their new Alexander Technique Studio.  Justin has used the natural slope of the land to develop levels and to play with eyes and senses.

3. Alexander Technique Studio in the bush

The new Alexander Technique Studio has been hand built from sustainably produced baltic pine. The pine is cut into 45mm thick pieces that provide a high degree of thermal insulation and sound proofing. The studio is nestled into a  woodland forest which overlooks groves of birch trees, native gums and native flora. A path winds its way from the cabin, through the woodland to a grass area with a new 5 leaf sculpture by Christopher Vassallo towering as a centrepiece at 2.5 metres. Made from Corden steel it provides a dramatic focus to the gardens.

Blue Mountains Alexander Technique studio under construction

Rising up from the studio a path of crushed granite and wood is fringed with a gabion wall of book-leafed iron stone. It meanders up into the more formal European gardens with ferns, water features, maples, azaleas and rhododendrons.

Justin’s planting design uses texture. colour, height, fragrance to provide drama, wow factor and transition.

4. A regular Calendar of events

From project completion in early January, a calendar of Alexander Technique events, Alexander Technique Teacher Training , Alexander Technique classes and specialist workshops for musicians, health practitioners and others will begin. This will offer you the oppportunity to find just the right workshop or class to suit you.

5. Towards an Alexander Technique centre of excellence

Michael & Jane both have over 20 years experience teaching Alexander Technique and are well regarded professionally around Australia.  Jane will also be holding specialist Musician Workshops in Body Mapping and workshops in musicianship. They are working  towards the community growing to know and enjoy their unique healing space, so that they can create a centre of excellence right here in the heart of the beautiful Blue Mountains.

Alexander Studio Leura

Jane & Michael will be inviting colleagues, friends and residents of Blue Mountains  to come to enjoy their Alexander Technique  Studio within its beautifully designed garden setting.

Right now, Tom and his team are landscaping one of the garden terraces. Tom has developed a special method for creating curved Gabion walls of ironstone. Conventional gabions tend to have sharp edges and fail to display the drama of a curving rock wall. This new method creates a beautiful line for the eyes. This team of landscapers share in our vision for a place of grace, beauty and strong harmonisation.

The Alexander Technique is an incredible skill that provides great assistance to people in their health, movement, posture and in their achievement. Jane and I have dedicated our lives to teaching people about this very useful skill. It is so humbling and such a privilege to be able to present our teaching in a place of design, energy and alignment.

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Alexander Technique studio Leura

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