Alexander Technique for back pain. Back Pain management top 3 tips.

If you have pains in your back, legs arms and neck that won’t go away, you are not alone. Over 4 million people in Australia or (16% of the population)reported that they experienced back pain. Pain at least “moderately” interfered with daily activities for almost 2 in 5 (38%) people with back problems in 2017–18. 1

The secret that thousands of people around the world know, is that you can manage back pain by learning Alexander Technique.

Number of people who self-reported back pain in Australia by age group.

If you’re suffering with back pain that stops you doing what you need to do, then you need to hear about the Alexander Technique. Many people think that back pain comes from a simple process of injury. Generally, they’re wrong. Chronic back pain is a complex problem that arises when a whole chain of issues goes wrong in our movement and our posture. It’s far more complex a problem than just weakness or poor posture. Alexander Technique shows you ways to unravel the whole complexity of chronic back pain and come back into easy balanced poise.

Alexander Technique is Health Education. It has been taught for over 120 years. It is consistently recognised as an effective method for managing chronic back conditions.

When all the skills of the Technique are applied by students, a large percentage consistently report reduction in pain.2

If you are struggling to make the bed, tie your shoes, sit and stand-you need to know about the Alexander Technique.

“Omg my back just aches and aches and aches, just want it to just stop aching ” Back pain sufferer

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Don’t put up with chronic back and neck pain. Find out what you can do via our straightforward ready-to-read instructions. Over the years I have worked with thousands of individuals with back and neck pain. The vast majority improved by following the steps that you can access below. Marjory was 86 years old when she came to see me. She had chronic back pain for over thirty years. She was able to regain easy movement and dramatically reduce her lower back pain within just a few weeks of using the techniques that I will show you for free. Ron Thomas from Blaxland had chronic neck pain for many years. He says, “I became very aware of my body and movements and my ability to make conscious decisions on how to move it. I have been pain free for some time now.”

Why give away this information? I know that if you try out these steps for even a short time your back or neck pain will improve and you might be convinced to try Alexander Technique.

You might be like me. I had back pain for many years before I finally decided to try Alexander Technique. My teacher showed me some of the tips that I am going to show to you. You’ll probably think (as I did all those years ago) “why hasn’t someone shown me these simple tips before?” I couldn’t believe that simple information could so effectively help me. I had to work on it and put the tips into action but as I did I could feel the improvement each day.

I think that the three tips I am going to give away to you for free are so good that you’ll want to come and learn Alexander Technique with me.

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Alexander Technique for back pain relief