Alexander Technique Studio Leura update.

Over the last six months we have witnessed such a beautiful transformation of our Blue Mountains property. Our vision was to create a peaceful garden studio where people are inspired to learn Alexander Technique mindfulness in activity.

Of course, we picked the rainiest summer on record to undertake our project. I don’t think that I have ever experienced so much mud. Nevertheless the transformation has been astounding and I’d like to share some of that with you.

Getting our Alexander Technique Studio ready

Jane and I have been working with our landscapers to create a truly unique teaching space. We want to reflect the inspiration, joy and transformation that happens with Alexander learning into our teaching environment. In the studio, Jane and I have sealed, primed and painted. Each paint stroke has been carefully applied with Alexander direction and thought. Our process of “thinking in activity” has been embodied in a space of design, light, colour, form and natural beauty.  Clearing my mind and letting go of negative self-talk, I undertook the challenge of laying the studio floor. For three days, on hands and knees I had to remember myself while at the same time carefully bringing the pieces of floor into alignment. I learned so much.  The end result is a beautiful, insulated warm floor that changes with the sun’s light and reflects onto the antique white finish of the interior walls. It will be a beautiful space in which to work. I hope you will come.

Hand made colour and texture

We wanted to find floor coverings for the studio that would be soft underfoot and reflect the colours of our garden. The idea of bringing the outside in and having awareness of the inside on the outside reflects our Alexander Technique work. A “unified field of awareness” where you are aware of your self, while maintaining an awareness of your activity, is an important benefit of Alexander learning. The woollen hand knotted rugs from Afghanistan are dyed with vegetable dyes and stone washed to set the colour. They’ll bring a softness in look and feel and also ensure that sound is managed within the studio. We hope that you will enjoy their warmth and inspiration learning Alexander Technique with us.

Alexander Technique update November 2021

2021 has been the year of lockdown. For the first time in thirty years I have not taught students for a long period. I used the time to research, read and prepare for coming back to teaching. It surprises people to know that there is a great body of ongoing research and commentary on Alexander Technique. I have taken part in workshops with diverse Alexander teachers around Australia and the globe via zoom. This includes work with Caren Bayer in New York, Stefanie Faye (neuroscience)in Chicago,Penelope Eastern in Ireland, Michael Stenning in Canberra and teachers around Australia via the Australian Society of Alexander Technique teachers.

Since the end of lockdown October 19th 2021, I have opened up for teaching again. Spring is happening in our Alexander garden at the moment. It’s a truly beautiful time to come and have a lesson with me.

Benefits of lessons– development of proprioception(self-awareness), exteroception(awareness of your surroundings) and enteroception (intuition and gut sense) skills. Ability to identify and prevent harmful patterns. Interventions to release pressure and experience liberated movement. Insightfulness and Mindfulness skills developing embodied intelligence.

Alexander Technique opens an entirely new model of human functioning based on physiological freedom that is emminently sensible and radically exhilarating. 

If you wish to liberate yourself from pain, poor movement and inadequate performance, Alexander Technique is without peer.



Alexander Technique and scoliosis

The gabion rock walls in our garden were made entirely from Blue Mountains iron stone dug up from our property. We chose gabions because they allowed us to use rubble and fill behind the bookleafed ironstone. It meant that we didn’t have to grab stone that wasn’t ours to grab. The work from Tom Buchanan and Hugh Lloyd of Bespoke Backyards in bringing our design to life is stunning craftsmanship. You can see that we have recycled old railway sleepers, crushed granite and ironstone gabions to create an easy and beautiful pathway to the studio.

Blue Mountains Back Pain Management

Alexander Technique harnesses the power of your conscious mind to change your habits of movement and balance . It can dramatically help with back and neck pain conditions. Regain flexibility and poise. Invest a little time and money to change your life. What are you waiting for?

If you live in the Blue Mountains, you don’t have to travel far to see experienced teachers. We’re in Leura. We have years of Alexander practice. We can help.

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Pink flannel flowers in the Blue Mountains 

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