Alexander Technique Certification.

It’s important to train at an Alexander Technique teacher training course that is recognised by the Alexander teaching profession.  That way your Alexander Technique certification will be recognised by authorities and peers and valued. It takes expertise, experience and a deep foundation of knowledge to teach people the Alexander Technique.

At Blue Mountains Alexander Technique we are accredited by the Australian Society for Alexander Technique Teachers (AUSTAT). It’s the peak body that represents Alexander Technique teachers to government, industry and society in Australia.

AUSTAT doesn’t easily recognise Alexander Technique training schools. There are many criteria that an Alexander Technique teacher training course must meet in order to be accredited. Don’t be fooled by online Alexander Technique teacher training courses. Alexander Technique Certification takes time and application.

Alexander Technique certification is worth it?

An AUSTAT accredited training school abides by training standards that are shared by accredited training schools around the world. Your teaching qualification is recognised by government and commercial bodies, medical practitioners & allied health workers and by Alexander Technique teachers around the world.

The gold standard in Alexander Technique certification.

The gold standard for training Alexander Technique teachers is immersion in practical study of Alexander Technique over three years and 1600 hours. By the end of your training you will be able to sustain your own Alexander Technique skill at an advanced level; you will be able to explain and instruct individuals and groups in Alexander Technique; you will be able to write articles and speak in public about Alexander Technique and you will identify as a professional who is skilled in helping people to improve their lives.

Blue Mountains Alexander Technique.

We think that there are many advantages with our professional teacher training course here in Leura. We have senior experienced trainers who are strongly networked into the Alexander Technique professional community. We have developed an exciting and coherent  training curriculum that is faithful to conventional Alexander Technique training but is also based on modern adult education principles. Our Alexander Technique studio is set in beautiful landscaped gardens with a healthy, growing client base. During your training you will get to negotiate the content and flow of information. You will  get to experiment and develop your practical experience and understanding under our guidance. The course work is well defined, sequenced and scaffolded. This means that there is challenge but it has been designed in a way that supports and assists you to learn. You will notice physical as well as intellectual changes as you go deeply into Alexander Technique principles.

We connect you into understanding your self, your students and your community. By the end of your training you will be able to:

  • regulate your self using Alexander Technique processes with a high degree of self-awareness and understanding
  • explain Alexander Technique to diverse groups of people in a way that connects and is professional
  • diagnose poor functioning and patterns of use in students
  • teach using hands-on guidance and verbal instruction
  • manage and administrate an Alexander Technique practice
  • connect and network with Alexander Technique professionals, corporate clients and government bodies

You should get your Alexander Technique Certification with us.

All the AUSTAT accredited teacher training courses are very good. Truth be told we want you to train with us if it’s right for you.  It’s worth investigating all the accredited Alexander Technique training schools. Use the AUSTAT link at the top of this blog. However, make sure to consider our training, here in the beautiful Blue Mountains.

We are having an Alexander Technique teacher training induction day on Sunday February 13th 2022. Jane and I invite you to come and meet with us, share some work and discuss teacher training. We will also discuss training scholarships that Jane and I  are making available to teacher trainees in 2022.

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