The COVID 19 pandemic and Alexander Technique

The Covid 19 Pandemic

The covid 19 pandemic has provided us with a stimulus that is hard to ignore.  I feel fortunate that many years ago, while teaching at Naturecare college I was asked to write a course on infection control. It has helped me understand the core principles of preventing the spread of infectious agents. Have a look at the online course on Infection Control that I recently wrote. learn about the chain of infection here.

Jane and I take the covid 19 pandemic seriously. We love what we do and we take our responsibility for your well being as a priority.

We hope that we can serve you and that you can benefit during these challenging times.

Covid 19 pandemic. Feeling nervous?

Are you feeling nervous about being out in public during this covid 19 pandemic? Is coming to have face to face Alexander lessons a bit confronting because of concern of spread of infection? Here are some great approaches to help.

Our covid 19 pandemic plan

1. If you come for face to face lessons, we operate from a pre-considered covid 19 pandemic plan. We have QR tracking, hand sanitisers, masks, buffer time between appointments and we clean our premises between sessions. You must be double vaxxed  (sorry if that doesn’t work for you-consider the next option), you must not have had a close contact within 7 days, you must conduct rapid antigen testing if you have been in a high risk environment. Jane and I have been double vaxxed and we are booked in for our booster. So, you see, we have sensible, considered risk management and mitigation in place to deal with this covid 19 pandemic. It’s not possible to stop the spread of covid 19 but it is possible to make that much less likely.

Online during the covid 19 pandemic

2. These days with Omicron and high numbers you may feel safer with a remote learning option. Hooray, I offer Zoom consultations for individuals and/or for groups. Zoom is a compromise as conventionally the language of Alexander Technique is corporeal. Nevertheless, what I have done is, over the past year, during the lockdowns, I have enrolled and participated in a number of Alexander Technique Zoom classes with some very wonderful teachers from around Australia and the world. I’ve looked at how Zoom classes work and I have some good inspiration and experience to work from. Jane has delivered extensively using Zoom to teach Bodymapping and piano.

Log into an Alexander Technique or Body Mapping Zoom class.

I feel confident that we can provide you with constructive Alexander Technique learning via this format during the covid 19 pandemic. It’s cheaper for you ( you don’t get the hands on work so I have dropped my hourly rate) but I promise you much of value. Grab a friend and log in for an Alexander Technique Zoom session group class, a Bodymapping class or book in for an individual Alexander Technique session. You will benefit from a safe learning with no possibility of spread of infection. Click here for details


covid safe

The Covid 19 Pandemic


It’s very hard to run a business at the moment. Jane and I are trying our best to serve you-however, there may be times where the risk of face to face teaching is unacceptable or where we are locked down.

When we are forced to cancel, we will do our utmost to provide you with online lessons. If this is unacceptable to you we will refund any fees that you have paid in advance with no questions or terms.

Please rest assured that we will refund any money paid for services not delivered. When you cancel a lesson because of COVID we will refund your entire fee with no cancellation costs.  

Thank you for your support

Thanks for your support and understanding during this extraordinary time in Australia’s history. We hope that by  proving you with great face to face classes, groups, workshops and having stand-by Zoom classes that we can get through this hard time and that you can safely enjoy learning the skills of Alexander Technique.

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