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Hi. Thanks for taking a moment to look at this web site. I’m Michael Shellshear. Lessons with me give you the opportunity to address issues such as back or neck pain. Practical instruction and a clear direction can help you to manage your issues quickly and effectively.

I use a combination of movement experience, movement activities and guided movement on a table to help you quickly learn the skills that you need to manage.

I use Alexander Technique skills every day in my own life to stay well and healthy as I move through middle life. The Technique allows me to walk long distances, to be flexible, to take on tasks without discomfort. Deepening my awareness of Alexander’s discoveries and working with clients like your self gives me a great basis for teaching.

Over the years, I have taught many thousands of people how to apply Alexander skills to their movement. Most people have found the work useful and effective. Some people I have worked with have totally changed their circumstance through Alexander’s great self management technique.

I have all the qualifications that you would look for in a professional. I started learning Alexander in the early 1980’s. I graduated as a teacher after three years training with Andrea Beesley in 1991. I apprenticed with a Master teacher of the Technique, William Brenner, for five years until 1996 when I started my own practice. I have an Advanced Diploma of Alexander Technique teaching from the School for FM Alexander Studies Melbourne. I was Chair person of the Australian Alexander Technique Teachers Society from 2004-2008 and from 2014 to 2018. I often lobby for Alexander Technique or speak to groups about it. 

I hope that you will enjoy the ease and the expertise that I bring to Alexander lessons. Although learning the Technique is a serious undertaking, I like to learn with a smile.

Movement is a complex interplay of muscle, bone, nerve, thought and sensory awareness. Our Alexander lessons will open up for you the understanding that there is always a choice available that leads to reduction of pain. Quite often that movement choice leads to ease, focus, greater awareness and enhanced poise. For the same cost as a modest television set you can change your circumstance profoundly with Alexander learning. For most people that I meet, their Alexander learning represents a very sound investment.


2020 has been a very hard time for all of us. I would like to assure you, that my Alexander Practice is registered as a COVID Safe business. We operate under a COVID Plan which means we take your health and safety seriously. covid safe

You can’t learn Alexander Technique from a book

You can’t learn Alexander Technique from a book or You Tube. COVID has sent us all to Zoom but by having a teacher guide you in a new manner of movement, you get to experience movement, posture and coordination in a new way.

Let me help you to discover the range and scope of free movement, posture and coordination that is available to you.  You’ll delight in experiencing movement that is light, graceful and easy. It takes a person with skill and experience,who can guide you, to ensure that you can recreate this liberation of movement at will, when you need it.

I would like to invite you to come and have Alexander Technique lessons with me at our Blue Mountains Alexander Technique  Studio in Leura.

Click on the link below if you would like to book a lesson or, if you wish to discuss you specific issues with me, give me a call during business hours on 0448 406 881.




We might work well together

Every Alexander Technique teacher is unique, bringing their experience, understanding and philosophy to their interaction. Come and have an Alexander Lesson with me in Leura and let’s see how we work together. The Alexander process can bring great outcomes but there’s only one way to know for sure. You can make a booking via my appointment calendar.

Alexander Technique Leura

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Michael Shellshear teaching Alexander Technique in the early 1990's

This is me teaching my student Joanne Hands early 1990’s

“Michael Shellshear is a masterful Alexander teacher.  He guides one into freedom, not just physically but also on a deeper level, addressing many layers of one’s experience at the same time. The knowledge he imparts about Alexander’s teachings and its relationship to the human experience will remain with you for a lifetime.”
Justine Bristow


Speaking about Alexander Technique

I’ve been speaking to groups about Alexander Technique since the 1990’s. This was at  Darling Harbour.


Online Training

Interested in online workplace training?

HR Learning has a wide range of courses for workplaces including Alexander Technique, Work Health and Safety, Human Resources, Workplace Training and more.