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We have been teaching Alexander Technique since the 1990’s. We have years of experience of working with people to problem solve issues around, movement, posture, breathing and skilled activity. Jane has specialised in BodyMapping for musicians. Michael has qualifications in Work Health and Safety and Vocational education. Michael is the current Chair of the Australian Society of Alexander Technique Teachers.  We have taught in Blue Mountains for many years, but when the opportunity came to build our Alexander Studio, we formed Blue Mountains Alexander Technique.

Michael Shellshear

Michael Shellshear Alexander Technique

Senior Alexander Technique Teacher

Certificate Alexander Technique; Advanced Diploma Alexander Technique; m.AUSTAT; AIHS

I started learning Alexander Technique in the early 1980’s after hearing about it through drama studies at University of NSW and at Drama Studio Sydney. I was interested, not only, in application of movement ideas on stage. I also had a personal stake in learning how to manage chronic back pain.

How I became an Alexander Technique teacher

I studied for three years with Andrea Beesley at the Center for Alexander Technique Studies. I qualified as an Alexander Technique teacher in 1991. After graduating, I apprenticed with William Brenner for five more years. I learned a great deal working under William’s stewardship.

Over the years I have taught many thousands of people. Alexander Technique puts people in touch with easy elastic uprightness.

My ongoing study has included developing skills and knowledge in risk management, ergonomics, leadership and management and adult education.

Alexander Technique teacher network

I have been involved in the Australian and worldwide network of Alexander Technique teachers. I am the current Chairperson of the Australian Society of Alexander Technique teachers.

I have assisted to train Alexander Technique teachers at schools around Australia. I am currently Head of Training for Blue Mountains Alexander Technique Teacher Training Program.

I co-authored a nationally recognised unit of competency on use of Alexander Technique in live performance. I am currently working on an Alexander book.

My Approach

Alexander Technique is a discovery of our potential for wellbeing, change and new ways of responding to old circumstances.

I teach my students to learn with curiosity, good humour, and experimentation.

Learn with me for a gentle approach to understanding the maintenance and upkeep of good health.

My Experience

  • Trained as an Alexander Technique teacher 1989-1991
  • Private practice Artarmon, Chatswood, Gordon, Newcastle, Springwood, Leura.
  • Training Alexander teachers Alexander Technique Associates; Sydney Alexander Technique School; School for FM Alexander Studies Melbourne.
  • Training Adult Education at National Safety Council of Australia, School for FM Alexander Studies Melbourne, Plenty Training, RAAF, NIDA, Actors Studio, Sydney Theatre School, Workplace Dimensions, Macquarie Community College, Nepean Community College.
  • Chairperson Australian Society of Alexander Technique Teachers 2004-2008;2014-2018

My Education

  • Bachelor of Arts (drama/history) UNSW
  • Alexander Teacher Certificate Centre for Alexander Technique Studies Sydney
  • Advanced Diplomas-Alexander Technique and Work Health & Safety
  • Diploma Vocational Education & Training: Work Health & Safety; Leadership & Management; Business.

Jane Shellshear

Jane Shellshear Alexander Technique teacher

Senior Alexander Technique Teacher

ABME Licensed Body Mapping Educator; BMus (Syd) LTCL LMusA; m.AUSTAT m.ASPAH

I studied piano with Elizabeth Green and Phillip Shovk while undertaking a Bachelor of Music in Performance at Sydney University. I continued my postgraduate performance studies at the Royal Northern College of Music with Sulamita Aronovsky and in London with Irina Zaritskya.

On returning to Australia my interest in performance disciplines led to gaining qualification as an Alexander Technique teacher. As an extension specific to the field of music performance and teaching, I trained to become the first accredited ABME (Association for Body Mapping Educators) Educator resident in Australia.

As a music educator I have extensive knowledge in performance practice across mainstream genres and a depth of experience in instrumental teaching. Integrating this with a sophisticated approach to how movement and manner of physical use impacts upon performance gives my teaching a unique tone.

As a Licensed Body Mapping Educator I am well resourced with support from a worldwide community of teachers dedicated to the same mission – to place music education on a secure somatic foundation. We work with our fellow musicians to establish healthy patterns of movement that will last them a lifetime of playing. These same patterns will also enhance sound quality and expression in music making.

Embodying this learning is essential to moving with ease and joy and stands alone as the most effective method I’ve found for sounding my best and becoming a more liberated musician.

My Approach

All Licensed Body Mapping Educators are musicians first and foremost. As such we have a shared language and experience with the people we help.  We are also highly trained movement educators. As an AE and a musician then, I start with my own experience of weaving quality movement information into my playing and my teaching strategies. As musicians we expect to evolve our musical skills over a lifetime of playing and so it is with my own approach to integrating movement skills. Continuing learning informs our experience and method in bringing about  the opportunity for success.

Having movement information is great. It’s even better when its embodied and in harmony with what the music asks of us as performers. So fusing musical and movement intentions is key to a truly effective way of transforming your performance.

My Experience

  • 48 years across solo, collaborative and ensemble platforms, live performance & recording.
  • 37 years teaching music in school and private studios.
  • Professional development workshops, conference presentations and conservatory programs.
  • Masterclass/workshop facilitation.

My Education

  • Bachelor of Music Performance (University of Sydney)
  • Postgraduate Performance Studies (RNCM) & London, UK.
  • Alexander Technique Associates Teacher Training (ATA) Sydney
  • Association for Body Mapping Education – Licensure Body Mapping Educator for Musicians

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