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  • Discover how Alexander Technique teaches you to regain an easy upright balance and elastic muscle tone. Regardless of your age or experience, you can improve movement and posture easily if you know what to do.

Learn Alexander Technique with me, Michael Shellshear, at our Leura Studio Monday to Fridays. I have been teaching Alexander Technique for thirty years. I am the current Chair of the Australian Society for Alexander Technique Teachers. I network with teachers from around Australia and the world. I maintain and develop my skills through continuing professional development and my own research.

I am accepting students of all ages to assist the management of chronic pain conditions, movement and posture, breathing and vocal issues. I have also worked with a number of Parkinson’s sufferers to create improvement. You are welcome to contact me to discuss your needs.

Here’s a description of lessons from a current student, Kyle:

What a journey! I had been living with chronic pain from a lumbar spine injury for 18 years when I was first introduced to the Alexander Technique. I had tried all kinds of ways to reduce pain episodes in the past but after speaking with Michael I was intrigued to give AT a fair go. Within five weeks I had developed a new and gentler relationship with my body and the injured area of my spine. I learned to re-incorporate this “broken” aspect and understood how it still had an important role to play.  The tools and practical lessons taught by Michael allowed me to short-circuit my unconscious movements and instead bring awareness to how I was moving physically through the world. With time and practice, I am creating new neural pathways and letting go of the protective “grip” around my lumbar spine – thus moving with more ease and grace. Pain levels are down and I am excited to see how far I can take this journey of awareness and body integration.   

A first lesson costs $55 (inc gst). Regular lessons are $88. Concession rates are offered depending on your circumstances. After a first lesson, I suggest that people come twice a week for at least five weeks and then re-assess. Contact me to start learning Alexander Technique.

Come along to a last mini-Alexander Technique workshop for 2022.  November 12th at 10am.

The mini workshops are a friendly and enjoyable way to learn Alexander Technique. The next workshop is on  Saturday 12th November  from 10am until 3pm and include morning tea and lunch in the price. People enjoy learning in a small group. That way you can see how Alexander ideas work, not only with yourself, but with others. The mini workshops are a great way to start learning Alexander Technique.

“Thank you, Michael, for a day full of robust learning and valuable insights about our movement and function. It was greatly beneficial to bear witness to others in our group explore the Alexander technique and to see it clearly in their physiology and experience it internally myself. Your extensive knowledge made this such a valuable day and opens many options and possibilities that I now wish to explore further. It was fun and engaging. Highly recommended.”

Joanna Hodge, Canberra

Ring Michael on 0448 406 881 or Click here to be informed when the next mini-workshop will be held and availability.

Alexander Technique MolongMichael with student at Molong Workshop

Blue Mountains Alexander Technique Teacher Training Program

Teacher Training is an opportunity for individuals to develop profound mastery of their own use of themselves.

Trainees are taught to develop an extended awareness of themselves and their environment. Alexander provides new models for understanding and working with human functioning. We explore that through experiments, meditations and integrative work.

Head of Training Michael Shellshear has developed a flexible syllabus that provides an active learning structure to your exploration of yourself.

Assistant Head of Training, Jane Shellshear provides trainees with strong Body Mapping understanding for their Alexander process.

Visiting Guest lecturer Stefanie Faye is recognised around the world as a proponent of Growth Mindset and a systems thinking approach to human interaction.

Helen Thomson shows trainees classical Alexander approaches to movement and brings her experience as an Alexander Teacher working at NIDA to the trainees.

Extra to our faculty, guest teachers from around Australia and the world, visits to other training schools, AUSTAT events and conferences. This teacher training is transformative and liberating. You will discover a great deal about yourself and about working with people in a conscious constructive way.  Click here to find out more.

Would you like a speaker for your organisation or company?

Michael and Jane are experienced presenters. Jane has presented at Conferences in Adelaide, Melbourne, and Brisbane. Michael has presented at conferences in Sydney, Melbourne and Hobart and to many companies and organisations around Australia.

Alexander Technique is profoundly interesting. It’s engaging and leads itself to active presentations that have the Oh Wow factor.

Over the years, we have presented to small groups as well as large conferences and the feedback has been extremely positive. Whether it was to the Australian Massage therapists Conference, Newcastle Aikido Group, Royal Australian Army or the Australian Tax Office people found the idea that they can move easily with freedom and grace engaging.

So many people in the workforce and in the public domain are suffering from back pain, neck pain and occupational overuse .

Our Alexander presentations are not only fun, engaging and active, tehy also provide a serious approach that people can start using immediately for self-regulation and resilience. Contact us for more details.


Alexander Technique zoom courses

Learn with us from anywhere in the world. Zoom

Learning Alexander Technique from anywhere in the world via zoom is the newest and most convenient way to learn.

Many students who can’t get to see us regularly in the Mountains, who wish to learn with us, do so via zoom. Australia is a huge country where there is not always the opportunity to work with the teacher of your choice.

Michael and Jane are both experienced online teachers who understand how to structure a lesson and convey the essential information that you need via zoom.  Zoom classes are low cost, last for one hour and are recorded for your convenience. You receive a link to your recording that you can use to remember the important knowledge. Call us to enquire.