Alexander Technique Courses and Special Events

Alexander Technique Courses

You don’t have to be in the mountains to take our courses. We can provide zoom classes for you. Enquire on 0448 406 881 or click here

Michael & Jane Shellshear Alexander Technique
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Introduction to Alexander Technique

Thursday 26th May at 5pm $22.00

Alexander Technique is a skill that shows you how to conserve energy, apply thought to movement and prevent poor habits.

Take this opportunity to come and meet with us. Determine whether there will be any benefit for you from learning Alexander Technique. Talk to us about:

  • managing back pain
  • neck pain
  • walking issues
  • improving skilled movements
  • breathing and voice

For over 100 years people from all over the world have learned to minimise discomfort that occurs from poor movement and posture.

Find out what Alexander Technique can do for you. Cost $20.

Alexander Technique Courses
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Alexander Study Group

Saturday 28th May 10:00-15:00 $88.00

Explore “stuck”  movement patterns

Do you have repetitive learned patterns that keep you stuck? Do your clients? Donella Meadows describes a paradigm as “the mind-set out of which the system-it’s goals,structure, rules, delays, parameters-arises” If the mind-set is “stuck” the whole system is affected. How does this affect our human functioning?

The first session is on Saturday May 28th 2022 at Leura from 10am until 3:00pm. Lunch 12-1pm.  The theme for the session is identifying and working to dissolve “stuck” patterns. Why do we develop “stuck” patterns and repeat them even if they are harmful?

How do they affect our elastic uprightness and postural support? What are leverage points  that we can  use to self-regulate  healthy patterns of movement, posture and thought? We’ll discuss, move and experiment in practical ways using Alexander Technique principals to chart our course.

Alexander Technique zoom courses

Alexander Technique zoom group June 6th

Gain insight into how your body’s systemics are interwoven. We will consider postural patterns; unconscious behaviours and fixed beliefs that keep you stuck. Although focused on Alexander Technique, we will discuss systems thinking of Donella Meadows; elastic tensegrity support as described by Ted Dimon; fixed mindsets as discussed by Stefanie Faye and NLP presuppositions.

This zoom class starting June 6th 2022 is an opportunity for anyone, anywhere to experiment with Alexander Technique concepts and to understand human functioning at a deeper level. Classes are held at 15:30 Australian Eastern Time (AEST) for one hour. There are five one-hour classes in this series. Interested? Call Michael Shellshear on 0448 406 881 or email by clicking here

Join in our very popular Saturday study groups! June 25th

The 25th June workshop is working with a fundamental Alexander idea:-Your body organises itself, if you get out of its way and let it.” 

Years before imaging technology, Alexander observed that there was an internal system of organisation that influenced movement, posture and human functioning. He guessed that the organisation was an interplay of a number of body systems. He was really accurate in his observation.

Your movement and functioning wants to organise. Sometimes, your learned behaviours get in the way of that organisation. Rigid muscles throw the body out of balance. It’s a bad habit that affects the whole system of functioning.

On June 25th we are going to explore how we can step out of the way and allow that organisation system to work unimpeded.

It will be interesting and positive learning in a small group setting. If this workshop can help you, then call/text me on 0448 406 881 to book your place or send me an email here . Remember, only two places left for this workshop! Don’t miss out.