Alexander Technique Courses and Special Events

Alexander Technique Courses

You don’t have to be in the mountains to take our courses. Attend in person or via zoom. Scroll down to select the right one for you.

Michael & Jane Shellshear Alexander Technique
We can help

Meet us to talk 27th January 5pm

Introduction to Alexander Technique-60mins duration

Alexander Technique is a skill that shows you how to conserve energy, apply thought to movement and prevent poor habits.

Take this opportunity to come and meet with us. Michael and Jane have applied the Alexander Technique in their lives and are able to teach very useful skills to others.Talk to us about:

  • managing back pain
  • neck pain
  • walking issues
  • improving skilled movements
  • breathing and voice

For over 100 years people from all over the world have learned to minimise discomfort that occurs from poor movement and posture.

Find out what Alexander Technique can do for you. Cost $20.

Zoom session Thursday 27th from 3pm until 4pm

Covid rules apply to all our face to face activities-you must be double vaxxed and free from symptoms.  Small group distanced and well ventilated to covid plan.

Train to be a teacher

Alexander Technique Teacher Pre-Training Orientation Day.

Meet the trainers-discuss the training February 13th

Travel to Leura to discuss the possibility of training to be an Alexander Technique teacher. In this session we will talk to you in detail about meeting your training needs. We can share our ideas for sharing our Alexander Technique journey with you.

Let us know if you are travelling up to see us. We can discuss opportunities that are present in the Mountains and surrounds to help you get through your training to be a teacher.

Let’s do some Alexander work so that you get to know us and how we teach. Let us show you how training with us can network you into a highly engaged Alexander community.  there are a number of accredited Alexander trainings in Australia and around the world. We feel that our training is worthy of your consideration. Join us for this orientation afternoon.

Sunday 13th February 1pm-4pm


Zoom session Wednesday 16th February from 1pm until 4pm

lower back pain
Limited Places

Come to our Back Pain workshop

Thursday 17th February at 2pm until 4pm

Benefit immediately by getting good quality information that you can act on. Manage your back pain with effective, easy to follow strategies. This is a small intensive workshop to help you learn how to manage and reduce your back pain.

You will learn:

  • immediate pain management strategies
  • some Alexander Technique basics
  • relationship between movement, posture and back pain.
  • application of strategy in home and work environments.

This isn’t a replacement for good medical supervision. It does allow you to try out new ideas that don’t involve heavy drugs, opiates and pain killers. Remember, if you are having severe back pain there may be a number of reasons that should be checked out by your physician.

Come and find out about your spine, and how your movement and posture relates to the management of your pain condition and what you can do about it.

Book early.  Cost $44.00

Zoom session Thursday 17th February from 10am until 12pm

A must for musicians

Body Mapping Workshop

6 week class Tuesdays from February 15th

Body Mapping for Musicians

As musicians we are trained to focus on the quality of the sound we produce. This is directly affected by the quality of the movement we use to make the sound. But rather than teaching “technique”, Body Mapping offers you a process that informs your acquisition of technical skill. It equips you with information about how you create the movements specific to playing our chosen instrument? And how to embody those concepts.

 In this course you will investigate the impact on your playing or singing of what you understand and misunderstand about your structure and movement and begin to experience what it’s like to play with your body’s design rather than against it. Drawing content from the licensed course “What Every Musician Needs to Know About the Body” , these workshops offer high quality information designed and delivered by musicians, specifically for musicians, about how we can most successfully match our movements to the musical intention of our own choosing.

Active learning experiences will make the information come alive for you in each class and invigorate your practice and performance with better overall coordination and ease, improved sound quality and expression.

Enjoy learning in a group

Fast track Alexander learning

One-day Alexander course February 5

We are experts in working with groups of people to get you fast tracked with Alexander skills that you can take away and develop.

The benefits of the fast track day is that you:

  • learn to a specific agenda
  • observe and learn from other’s experience
  • enjoy active learning activities
  • meet and engage with many different people.
  • Connect with the learning and take home skills to practice

Bring your lunch and a blanket to enjoy a picnic lunchtime on our beautiful woodland lawns. Weather permitting we will use the gardens to explore a range of day to day activities where you can apply Alexander principles.

Saturday February 5th 2022 from 10am until 5pm. $150

 Covid rules apply to all our face to face activities-you must be double vaxxed and free from symptoms.  Small group distanced and well ventilated to covid plan.

Alexander Technique for back pain relief
Incredible value

Backsaver sessions

Learn constructive rest

There is only one place in the world where you can purchase your Backsaver. Come and let us fit you with the correct size cushion and show you how to use it for maximum benefit.

These short thirty minutes sessions show you how to develop an ongoing semi supine regime for brilliant back health.

Already have a Backsaver? Bring your Backsaver to this mindful  session with Michael or Jane. We will talk you through using your Backsaver for optimal benefit.

Your session is $77inc gst and includes a Backsaver for you to keep!

Alexander Technique for lower back pain

You will be surprised and delighted how this short session will inform you on using your Backsaver to maximum effect.

One of the most effective things that we can do for people is show them how to create a regular constructive rest time using their new Backsaver.