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Alexander Technique Courses and Special Events

Alexander Technique Workshop

You don’t have to be in the mountains to take our courses. We can provide zoom classes for you. Enquire on 0448 406 881 or click here

Michael & Jane Shellshear Alexander Technique
Find out about Alexander Technique

Introduction to Alexander Technique

Thursday 25th August at 5pm

Discover how Alexander Technique teaches you to regain an easy upright balance and elastic muscle tone. Regardless of your age or experience, you can improve movement and posture easily if you know what to do.

Take this opportunity to come and meet with us to find out how you can benefit from learning Alexander Technique. Talk to us about:

  • managing back pain
  • neck pain
  • walking issues
  • improving skilled movements
  • breathing and voice

Act now! You can soon be creating your own road map for a better quality of life like thousands of people before you. Like Irene Iskric of Molong says, “Here’s a way to rediscover your body and connect to the way it moves.” 

Find out what Alexander Technique can do for you and how easy it is to learn. Call or text Michael on 0448 406881. If you prefer, you can click the link below to book your place for our 25th August Introductory.

Join in our popular Saturday study groups! Next one is August 27th 10am-3pm

The study groups are small and social. We share coffee, biscuits, cake, and lunch together. We also enjoy that special learning that comes from experiencing Alexander first-hand and then seeing how others work with it.

I started the study groups because they are enjoyable to teach and provide a wonderful learning mix in one concentrated event.

You can be any level of experience from none whatsoever all the way to many years of Alexander Technique; you will learn, meet new friends, and become part of the Alexander community that Jane and I are building here.

Do you think this workshop is for you? You could bring a friend?

“Thank you, Michael, for a day full of robust learning and valuable insights about our movement and function. It was greatly beneficial to bear witness to others in our group explore the Alexander technique and to see it clearly in their physiology and experience it internally myself. Your extensive knowledge made this such a valuable day and opens many options and possibilities that I now wish to explore further. It was fun and engaging. Highly recommended.”

Joanna Hodge, Canberra

Call/text me on 0448 406 881 to book your place or send me an email here.

By the way, if you are travelling up to the Mountains to take part in this workshop let me know and I can suggest great local accommodation to suit all budgets.

Alexander Technique zoom courses

Alexander Technique zoom group August 2022

Our last Zoom group looked at how people experience stuck points that prevent them from creating the positive outcomes they want. It was a successful group class. The group experience was enhanced with use of PowerPoints, drawings, and extensive research. Participants were given access to all materials including video of the zoom session, pdfs, and PowerPoints.

Our next zoom session will look at how language occurs not only in the external world but is represented within our neurological make up. 

How can language be used to change our model of movement and functioning? Are there secret words and phrases that can influence how we perform in the world?

The August zoom group will look at the power of language and how you can use language to improve. Interested? They will be held Mondays from late August. (Date to be confirmed) Call Michael on 0448 406 881 or make an email enquiry.

Just for health practitioners

Alexander Study Group for health practitioners

Saturday 30th July 10:00-15:00 $88.00

Practitioners Workshop

Practitioners have a lot to learn from each other. You’re an expert in your field or you are building your expertise. Our continuing evolution and development require new ideas, new models that affirm or challenge our view.

Alexander Technique provides a practical model for psycho-physical integration that is unique. This model of interdependency and unity will resonate as well as blow you away.

You’ll get:-

  • Intensive one-to-one work with a highly experienced senior teacher.
  • Explore case studies and consider their import
  • Introduction to the Alexander conceptual framework
  • Insight into how to develop acuity skills and integrate information within your modality.

Practical learning with lots of hands-on work, activities and learning exercises. Your trainer has more than thirty years’ experience.

Book now. Numbers are extremely limited for this study group. It’s Saturday 30th July from 10am until 3pm ay Leura.  The cost is $88 inc gst. Call or text Michael on 0448 406 881 to confirm your place or email here.