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Alexander Technique Talks & workshops

Talks & Workshops

 Find out about Alexander Technique

Welcome to Alexander Technique. Start here.

Every 3rd Thursday of the month at 5:30-6:45pm come and find out about Alexander Technique. This session is designed for people who have heard about Alexander Technique and would like to know more.

Find out if Alexander skills will help you. What’s involved with learning. How does it work.

A fun and enjoyable way to learn a bit about Alexander Technique, see our stunning landscaping and Studio build and meet people.

Bookings are essential. Cost is only $20. Limited numbers for this event. Click here

Alexander Technique Lessons

Alexander Technique Lessons

Alexander Lessons

You’re ready to start learning.

The new Studio at Leura has created a dramatic change in what we can offer to our students. Come for an Alexander Technique lesson with senior teacher Michael Shellshear on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.

Our Studio is set within beautifully landscaped gardens. Warm in Winter and cool in Summer, the Studio will provide you with an ideal environment to develop Alexander mindfulness.

Experience the seasons change, the different colours and fragrances of the garden while you explore freedom of movement and ease exploring Alexander Technique.

Alexander lessons are provided in numerous formats and costings to assist you to find the learning path that suits your needs and budget.

Michael is a senior and well-respected Alexander Technique teacher. Book a lesson. Click here

Body Mapping Australia

Body Mapping


Musicians’ Series

Take a moment to imagine what it might be like to refine your inner ear for movement just as expertly as you have developed your aural skills and sensitivity!

Come along for individually tailored sessions with Jane to experience the balance, power & fluidity in your playing that comes when you learn to embody the truth of your movement design.

And with movement guidance from a fellow musician, you can not only discover how to experience this connection and bring it to life in your music making but also to boost its impact through ensuring it’s fused with your musical intention in any piece of repertoire. Click here

Alexander Technique Group Classes

Alexander Technique Small Group Classes

Wednesday Morning Group Class

Now that our new Studio is open we are presenting many Alexander Technique Events including small group classes.  The first of these is our Wednesday morning group. These are limited to five participants, so book quickly. Click here

Saturday Morning Intensive class

Each Saturday morning, small class for people who want to explore everything the Alexander Technique has to offer. There are three sections to the class. You experience a mini-lesson, then you get to work with the group on a specific area of interest, this is followed by a short focus session which will be different each week. Beginners and more experienced students are welcome. Places limited. Click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve tried to address some of the more usual questions that people have about learning Alexander Technique here. If you can’t find your answer in this section you’re welcome to drop us a line. Click here.  We’ll usually answer your question within less than 24 hours.

How many lessons do I need to have?

Consider starting with a series of ten lessons. Space the lessons out with as short an interval as possible. Two lessons a week for five weeks is a good start. If the lessons are wotking for you consider continuing. 

What happens in a lesson or workshop?

Lessons and workshops are centred around your movement. It’s interesting and enjoyable to try new ways of moving, balancing and meeting goals.

The learning process is very safe and friendly. Lessons and workshops are sequenced and delivered in achievable steps. You are expected to work on the ideas learned in between lessons.

Will I have to stand up straight all the time?

No!! The wonderful thing about Alexander Technique is that you dont have to do anything. Imagine looking at a menu and finding it only had one item on it! That would be fairly horrible. Alexander Technique is a way that you can add many new items to your menu of movement and posture. None of them are mandatory but it’s great to have lots of choice.

By the way, learning Alexander Technique doesn’t mean you have to change who you vote for, how you dress, your religion or belief, what you have for dinner, who you are. All Alexander offers is some great quality information about how you move and how you can move with advantage.

What steps are you taking to minimise spread of COVID19?

Blue Mountains Alexander Technique is a registered COVID19 business with NSW Government. This means that we have a COVID Plan, we carry infection control equipment such as hand sanitiser and masks (if required), we track all clients and seek to break the chain of infection wherever feasible. Michael lectured on Infection Control at NatureCare college and has written a course on breaking the chain of infection.

We ask that if you are feeling unwell or if you have visited a know COVID ‘hotspot’, that you do not attend your appointment. Cancellation fees will not apply or fees paid in advance will be refunded where this circumstance has occurred.

Is there any preparation needed before an Alexander lesson?

Generally, the answer to this question is that there is no preparation needed. However, some people find it very useful to have read a book on the Alexander Technique. Without doubt my favourite suggestion is to read FM Alexander’s “The Use of the Self”. 

Apart from that, you are welcome to bring x-rays, medical reports or any other information that you think may assist us in lessons.

I am being treated by a physician. Should I come for Alexander lessons?

Alexander lessons are education not treatment. There should be little if any conflict with your medical treatment. Remember, Alexander Technique is not a replacement for medical care from your physician.  Consult with your doctor. Should your doctor wish for more information about the Alexander Technique process, I am able to call and reassure them about our process.

What's better lessons or group classes?

With lessons you have one to one attention from the teacher for up to a whole hour. That means the learning can be tailored specifically to meet your need.

Group classes can be social, enjoyable and fun. The work will be more general in nature because the teacher will be working with the group to bring about the information. The one to one attention in a group class will be less than in a lesson.


Does Alexander help back pain, neck pain, scoliosis, breathing disorders and so on?

If you have a question about the application of Alexander Technique prinicples to a specific physiological issue, I would like to suggest that you come to an Introductory talk or come and have a one to one session with Michael.

Alexander Technique is a very useful skill. Come and find out about it.

Should everyone learn Alexander Technique?

The short answer is no. Not everyone should learn Alexander Technique. Alexander Technique is a brilliant and useful skill. Once mastered it helps in many ways. However, it’s a skill. Not everyone has the patience to learn. If that’s you, no worries, come and see me when you are ready to apply yourself to learning a great new skill.

The other question to ask is, “would everyone benefit from learning Alexander Technique?”  My heartfelt answer is that I believe everyone could benefit by being able to self-regulate movement, posture and balance. Almost every human activity involves movement, posture and/or balance. Improve those and everything else improves through association.