How to Learn the Alexander Technique

Blue Mountains Alexander Technique

Constructive Conscious Control of your movement and posture leads to many benefits. Put yourself in our hands for gentle guidance towards new freedom in the way you move, stand, walk and breathe. Use the button below to book your first lesson with Michael Shellshear at Leura.

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How to learn the Alexander Technique

Face to Face Alexander Lessons

An introductory session allows you to gain immediate benefit from the practical work, and discuss your situation and goals with the teacher. You can dress casually, the session may include lying down on a massage table fully clothed.

Bring any portable equipment, such as a musical instrument or sports equipment etc for activities you want to improve. You can have assistance and guidance with any question, difficulty or skill you bring.

Learning Alexander Technique can provide you with benefits in health and well-being and with deep understanding of how you function.

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Alexander Technique Workshops

Supercharge your learning process


Enjoy the special energy that is learning within a group.

Our Saturday workshops allows you to benefit from hands on Alexander work and also from seeing others work with Alexander principles.

Bring instruments, sports equipment etc. to explore the appplication of Alexander Technique in activities that you wish to improve.

Alexander Technique teaches you to know your body and mind with a strong conscious awareness. When you activate your body’s natural organisation of movement it can lead to reduction of pain, a feeling of ease and a wonderful liberation of movement.

Come see for yourself at this friendly short workshop. It starts at 10am and finishes at 3pm. There’s a break for morning tea and for lunch (both are provided). 

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Online Learning

Learn with us from anywhere in the world.

Benefit from our years of experience teaching Alexander Technique.

Do you live away from the Blue Mountains and would like to learn from senior Alexander Teachers? You can with our online Alexander Technique lessons.

Michael and Jane offer online lessons in Alexander Technique and Body Mapping via zoom.

Body Mapping classes are for musicians only by arrangement.

Online Alexander Technique  lessons are a surprisingly effective way to begin applyiong Alexander Technique skills regardless of where you live in the world.

Each lesson is recorded so that you have a record that you can refer back to. You will be given rich backgrounding materials that you can download and learn from.

Give our zoom online lessons a try. They are a powerful teaching method to get your learning process happening at home, now.

Alexander Technique in the Mountains