What do you want from workplace training at your workplace?

5 reasons to consider Alexander Technique Workplace Training


  1.  Training that gets staff out of their seats and out of their comfort zone.
  2.  When staff move their learning, comprehension increases. When they problem solve and come up with collaborative solutions they take ownership of the process of safety.
  3. Learn through a Powerpoint presentation or through playing a game? Which do you think is the most effective
  4. Imagine going to staff training and discovering you can overcome chronic pain at your workstation
  5. Empowering workers to communicate like a professional
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Office Safety-the new easy

Alexander Technique no pain uprightness

When staff are doing 100,000 movements a day at their workstation, they are more vulnerable to injury.

Train your staff to move with ease at their workstation using the Alexander technique.

Reduce injury rate • Increase prouctivity • Reduce Stress


Speaking in public

Advanced communication and presentation skills


Develop your staff’s communication skillset with Alexander Technique. Staff learn to stop, breathe and implement simpel strategies that will help them get their point across with clarity.

Reduce fear of presentation• Develop presentation strategies• speak to the correct context • reduce stress

Alexander Technique health and well being

Serious about health and wellbeing

Train your staff in Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique teaches balance, posture and ease of movement in extraordinary, engaging and enjoyable ways.

Staff learn about their bodies with new accurate information that challenges all the habits that hold people back.

Easy Movement • Reduction of muscle tension • new constructive thinking • problem solving • engaging, physical training

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