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Alexander Technique Staff Training is Physical!

Office Safety-the new easy

Alexander Technique no pain uprightness

Office safety is a lot more than just providing people with good furniture. After having provided companies with over 3000 ergonomic assessments, the number one issue in the office workplace, that I found, is how people use themselves.

Forcing posture does not work. Alexander Technique works because it gives practical instructions on how to recognise and implement great work posture while using the best set up of ergonomic equipment.

Alexander Technique and computers


What is the Alexander Technique

Advanced communication and presentation skills

We’ve all heard the cliché that only 15% of communication is verbal, the rest is people skills. I will teach your team to read posture, balance and movement using Alexander Technique awareness.

Through interactives and hypotheticals they will learn that the quality of your communication is the response that it evokes. They will learn empathy skills through a strategy called “positional shifting”, negotiating skills and how to get up in front of a group from 5 to 500 and achieve your communication outcomes every time.

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Alexander Technique health and well being

Health and Wellbeing

Old issue-new ideas

Absenteeism due to health issues, stress, anxiety, fatigue and unhappiness is an issue for almost every workplace. Alexander Technique is workplace wellbeing training.

Alexander Technique programs address the whole person by changing habitual sets and developing growth mindsets. People quickly gain new confidence in their ability to influence their health, their outlook and the way they interact with others.

Alexander Technique workplace training

The figure above shows absenteeism dropping after Alexander Technique training was introduced at Victorinox Company during 2002.

workplace training
workplace training

You learn with a smile

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Jump start learning for adults

Alexander Technique-based training is a joyous, colourful, physical experience where people learn through action, movement and relationship. After thirty years of training to meet training needs, the science now agrees with me. People learn through action and activity, through hypotheticals and challenges and through having fun. This is not fanciful. Fun, challenge and imagination are motivational triggers for learner’s ‘Executive Functioning’ brain centre to kick in. This stimulates endorphins, seratonin and dopamine. Let’s call them the learning neurochemicals.

Imagine a work health and safety hypothetical where you are put  in charge of a run down, busy, under-funded, over-worked, under-staffed hospital!  It’s a nightmare scenario that gets played out for real every day in Australia.  As a leader in this hypothetical you face and have to solve imminent industrial action,  unsafe working conditions,patient violence and systemic breakdown. What a challenge!

By the end of the hypothetical, learners who took on this role, knew more about real world WHS, negotiation, communication and presentation and achieving compliance in the hardest situations. It’s not hard to recognise that active training is far more effective than passive Powerpoint based learning.

Imagine learning about correct posture by playing hide and seek, or chasing or walking an imaginary tightrope. Games teach people acceptable behaviours. Games are strategic, problem-solving and challenging.

Our experience, at BMAT, is that adults become engaged, accept learning and negotiate their own learning outcomes through experiential learning.

Address your training need

Speak with me about your training outcomes. I will draft a learning plan for  innovative Alexander Technique based solutions that are cost effective, outcomes-based. Realistic metrics are developed to provide the evaluation that you require and I will package that learning into an energised, game filled experiment in innovation, creativity and fun that will engage your staff and provide the outcomes that you want.

Forget ‘Death by Powerpoint” presenters! Alexander Technique is not your run of the mill training.

We have years of experience training trainers, developing training solutions and getting great results for companies like yours.

We will train at any location. Book a free Zoom consultation to discuss your training needs with Michael Shellshear on 0448 406881 or click here to email