Blue Mountains Alexander Technique Teacher Training Program

Alexander Technique training

AUSTAT Approved

Training to the Standard

Blue Mountains Alexander Technique  director, Michael Shellshear is approved by the Australian Society of Alexander Technique Teachers to provide teacher training to meet the Australian Teacher Training  Standard.

AUSTAT has developed a rigorous Training Standard to ensure that all approved teacher training meets  the Quality Training  requirements to be a professional Alexander Technique teacher.

Flexible Training

Our Alexander Technique teacher training program is modular in its design. Some of the background and academic components of the course can be completed online. There are options for completing the face to face components that you can tailor to meet your circumstance.

Because of the small size of our training school, you can tailor your training to allow you to keep normal work hours. Come and experience just one module or complete all twelve modules to gain your qualification.

Alexander Technique pathways

Your registration with AUSTAT as a trainee teacher  provides you with recognition pathways to every AUSTAT registered training school in Australia and Taiwan.

Should you need to postpone or interupt your training for any reason, your AUSTAT trainee teacher logbook ensures that you are given accurate advanced standing for any training that you have completed.

Your advanced standing is recognised at all AUSTAT Approved Training Programs across Australia.

How do I become an Alexander Technique Teacher?

 There are 12 modules to complete face to face and online. At least 75% of the course involves face -to-face work with us at Leura. Three stages allow for development of Foundational Skills then Teaching Skills and then Implementation and Professional Identity.

Work with us to develop all the skills and knowledge that you need. Learning is active. Develop flexibility and improvement.  If you want to be an Alexander Technique teacher then begin by talking with us.

Alexander Technique Australia/AUSTAT has some great training schools.  Blue Mountains Alexander Technique offers an opportunity to align high level professional skills with the development of a deeply integrated Alexander Technique process to transition you towards a strong client-based career path.

At Blue Mountains Alexander Technique we appreciate your interest in the Alexander Technique.  We invite you to visit with us, experience our work and ask anything that you need to ask. Let’s talk about what it is like to immerse yourself in study of the Alexander Technique, how the program is structured, the costs involved and what we can do to assist your enquiry.

Application Form

Start by filling in a  downloadable Application form. This form let’s us know who you are and gives us some background information. It may also help you to organise your thinking and consider some of the things that you may need to organise in order to train with us. Download the Application form here 

The form should automatically download to your downloads folder.

Alexander Technique Teacher Training

Blue Mountains Alexander Technique Training Program Faculty

Michael Shellshear
Jane Shellshear
Helen Thomson
Stefanie Faye
Michael Shellshear Alexander Technique

AUSTAT Approved Teacher Trainer (AATT) Michael Shellshear has been teaching Alexander Technique since 1991. He has taught the Alexander Technique to thousands of people in private lessons and group classes, in that time.

Michael has spoken widely to groups and in the media about the Alexander Technique. He has also written many articles and courses about Alexander Technique. Michael is a five time Chairperson of AUSTAT and has served on many AUSTAT standing committees.

Michael holds BA in drama from University of NSW. He studied performance at the Drama Studio Sydney. He trained with Andrea Beesley in Sydney, graduating in 1991. Michael has Advanced Diplomas in Alexander Technique and Workplace Health and Safety. He holds  Diplomas in Health and Safety, Vocational Training and Assessment, Leadership and Management and Business.

Michael has taught in corporate Australia, lectured in workplace health and safety, leadership and management and workplace training and assessment.  Michael has written numerous courses and he developed and wrote the new AUSTAT Training Standards.

Michael has worked on a number of Alexander Technique teacher training schools including Alexander Technique Associates, School for FM Alexander Technique Studies and Sydney Alexander Teacher Training Program, where he was Associate Director.

Michael’s vision is for a safe place where we can enjoy experimenting with Alexander’s discoveries, explore flexible adaptability and new models of functioning and develop frameworks for communicating those discoveries for ourselves and others.

Jane Shellshear Alexander Technique

Jane Shellshear has qualifications from Sydney University and study in London and Manchester. She is a qualified Alexander Technique teacher having graduated from ATA in 1996 under William Brenner’s directorship. Jane is  the only Licensed Body Mapping Educator in Australia. The Association for Body Mapping Educators is a not-for-profit organisation registered in the USA that licenses highly trained individuals to teach Body Mapping to musicians.

Integrating this with a sophisticated approach to how movement and manner of physical-use impacts upon performance gives her teaching a unique tone.

Jane’s knowledge and pragmatic application of anatomy and physiology is a powerful area of expertise that will help you consolidate information about your body with the Alexander information.

Helen Thomson Alexander Technique

Helen Thomson is a senior Alexander Technique teacher. She teaches at NIDA as well as running a private practice from her home. Helen has worked with senior teachers from around the world including John Nicholls, Caren Bayer, Pamela Blanc and many more.

Helen Graduated from the Sydney Alexander Technique School in 2004. She has been Secretary of AUSTAT a number of times  as well as an AUSTAT Conference organiser.

Stefanie Faye

Stefanie Faye is a Canadian Neuroscience educator who works from Montana USA. She is an exceptional speaker who runs workshops, has a well known podcast and is a coach to professional in the USA and around the world.

Stefanie has worked  with top-tier organizations such as Google, Stanford University, the Hasso Plattner Institute for Design, Northwestern University, Alberta Children’s Hospital, the University of California San Diego School of Medicine, City Colleges of Chicago, the Department of Defense, the Canada School of Public Service and many more.

Her expertise is in coaching and teaching people how to use their mind-brain-body in ways that increase their sense of agency, self-compassion and sense of meaning and purpose. I’m particularly skilled at helping people who have a history of adverse early experiences and family dysfunction.

Stefanie has agreed to be on our faculty at Blue Mountains Alexander Technique and to present work with our group from time to time.


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Training in the Blue Mountains

Some of the advantages

Beautiful setting • very experienced teacher trainers • flexible modular training program • AUSTAT Approved •  affordable rent locally • local employment opportunities •  90 minutes from Sydney