We understand that you may have some questions about Alexander Technique. You may be curious about the Alexander Technique Events that we organise or lessons. On  this page you will find a contact form to ask us anything that you like about Alexander Technique. Fill in the form to get our monthly newsletter.

Jane and I invite you to subscribe to our mail list. You not only will find out about Alexander workshops and special events but also information about new discoveries, applications of Constructive Conscious Control to daily activities and ideas for resilience and rehabilitation. This is an exciting time to learn about Alexander Technique. There are a number of research projects occurring around the world. Also. many of the cutting edge scientific and neurological discoveries are providing for a deeper understanding of how habits are coded and how Alexander skills work. Jane and I are keeping as up to date on that information as we can. We are integrating these findings into how we teach and we are passing on this new information to you. That’s why it’s worth subscribing to our newsletter. Contact us with questions about Alexander Technique events, Body Mapping, starting lessons or Teacher Training. We are happy to hear from you.

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The Alexander approach to human functioning. The Alexander approach to teaching provides you with the opportunity for...