Kyle overcame his chronic pain condition. You can too with the Alexander Technique.

alexander technique

Alexander Technique provides a useful and different insight into human functioning. You can use this information to overcome a range of issues that can affect how you perform in your daily activities.

This is Kyle Stewart in the photo, learning Alexander Technique with Michael Shellshear. He is one of many of thousands of people who have been helped learning Alexander Technique skills.

Whether you’re seeking relief from chronic pain or wondering  about how to optimise your physical performance, make the decision to learn with Blue Mountains Alexander Technique teachers Michael and Jane Shellshear.


alexander technique

Kyle’s photo and story are produced with his permission and agreement.

Discover Freedom of Movement and Natural Alignment | Blue Mountains Alexander Technique

After 20 years of chronic back pain, Kyle Stewart (pictured) felt that nothing could help overcome that condition. He was taking strong medication and working with daily discomfort.

Alexander lessons showed him new insightful ways to analyse his movement. He discovered that he was putting pivotal twisting pressure down onto his injury repeatedly, in many of is movements. He learned to redistribute his weight and modify his movement to take the pivoting pressure off the injury site. Kyle could notice the benefit of that almost immediately. During his course of lessons, he also learned other skills and strategies that he could use for improvement.

Kyle uses his Alexander skills every day to manage his back injury and to minimise the occurrence and intensity of pain episodes. I am grateful to Kyle for allowing me to share his story and hope that it helps you to understand a bit more about Alexander Technique and how it may also be useful to you.

Unlock Your Body’s Potential with Alexander Technique Training

Are you tired of the constant struggle with back pain, neck discomfort, or stress-induced tension? Research has shown lessons in Alexander Technique can significantly reduce the number of pain days in a month and remains a useful skill for many months after lessons have ceased.(click here to see research) 

Your Path to well-being: Alexander Technique Australia

Jane and Michael Shellshear teach the Technique in the Blue Mountains of NSW outside of Sydney. For those seeking Alexander Technique training in Australia, you’re in the right place. With a strong presence in cities like Melbourne, Sydney, and beyond, the Alexander Technique has gained recognition as an effective approach to addressing a wide range of physical and emotional challenges. Whether you’re located in the heart of Melbourne or nestled in the suburbs of Sydney, find experienced and certified Alexander Technique teachers ready to guide you on your journey toward optimal well-being, by asking us.

Empower Yourself through Alexander Technique Teacher Training

Our Alexander Technique Teacher Training programs provide a comprehensive curriculum that equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to become an AUSTAT approved instructor.  Very experienced teacher trainers recognised around the world. It is cost effective, flexible and meets the new AUSTAT Teacher Training Standard.  Read more about teacher training

Find an Alexander Technique Practitioner Near You

Because we are connected into a network of Alexander teachers around Australia through AUSTAT, we can recommend a teacher close to you.  If there is no teacher close by, we would like to offer you online zoom lessons in Alexander Technique. We have many learners who have benefitted. 


Alexander Technique

What is the Alexander Technique?

Alexander Technique is like a very accurate instruction manual for human movement and psycho-physical functioning.  You can learn the simple instructions to provide immediate help. It surprising how much we don’t know about our own movement until someone shows us

Some people will  go on to learn the whole instruction manual because it is so interesting. They are able to apply very accurate movements to achieve their activities without discomfort.

Without the instructions it’s easy to go wrong. With the instructions things start to make sense.

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Elastic postural tone

The Alexander work encourages an easy uprightness marked by reduction in over-tension and better balance.

People are quite often surprised that they feel light and buoyant using Alexander principles.

Alexander Technique is not exercise, it’s neural re-education.

Reduction of chronic pain

People involved in chronic pain studies (click here) reported a significant and permanent reduction in the number of pain days that they experienced. Alexander Technique does not teach pain reduction techniques, nevertheless, one common outcome of the somatic education component in Alexander Technique is a reduction of pain conditions.

Improved performance

The Alexander work leads to a reduction of over-tension, greater accuracy and conservation of energy. These factors can augment good technique further in the performance of many skilled activities such as playing an instrument, speaking in public, sports and a range of other human endeavours.

A new outlook

FM Alexander suggested that we translate every experience into muscle tension. Letting go of over tightened muscles, finding easy balance and buoyant uprightness brings with it a new positive disposition and often an improved emotional flexibility.

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Discover Effective Chronic Pain Management with Australia’s Premium Alexander Technique Service

Chronic pain sufferers often traverse a maze of solutions without finding that perfect antidote. But what if the solution lay not in heavy medications and strenuous therapies, but in mastering the Alexander Technique?

At Blue Mountain Alexander Technique, we empower individuals to reclaim their lives with grace and ease. Our lessons and workshops are meticulously crafted to ensure every student absorbs the intricacies of this transformative method.

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Holistic Healing: The Alexander Technique goes beyond just physical alignment. Dive deep into the intricate balance between mind, body, and spirit.

Unlock Your Full Potential with Alexander Technique Posture Workshops and Lessons

Whether you are new to the Alexander Technique Posture or seeking to deepen your practice, Blue Mountain Alexander Technique offers a variety of workshops and lessons tailored to your needs. Our workshops provide an immersive and interactive learning experience, allowing you to explore the principles of this powerful technique in a supportive and nurturing environment.

If you’re ready to take your journey towards pain-free living to the next level, our private lessons offer personalised attention, allowing you to dive deeper into the Alexander Technique Australia and experience rapid progress.

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