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What is the Alexander Technique?

Alexander Technique is like a very accurate instruction manual for human movement and posture.  You can learn the simple instructions to provide immediate benefit. Without the instructions it’s easy to go wrong. With the instructions things start to make sense and can work better.

Learn Alexander Technique in the Blue Mountains

Alexander Technique posture

Great posture

The Alexander work encourages an easy uprightness. There is often a reduction in over-tension and better balance.

Sometimes, people are quite surprised that they feel light and buoyant after a lesson at Blue Mountains Alexander Technique. 

You could experience this too.

Regardless of your weight, your age or your fitness, great posture can be a key to feeling great.

Alexander Technique and chronic pain

Reduction of chronic pain

People involved in chronic pain studies (click here) reported a significant improvement. The number of pain days decreased.

One common outcome of Alexander Technique body learning is a reduction of pain conditions.

Alexander Technique teaches you how to care for yourself in everyday functioning.

The information is easy to understand and is very useful to pain sufferers.

Improved performance

Improved performance

The Alexander work  has been described as conservation of energy for humans. Alexander Technique encourages flexibility and flow.

If you are involved in performance based activities Alexander Technique can be very useful to you. Tension and rigidity get in the way of good performance.

Alexander Technique teaches you how to prevent habits of rigidity and tension. You can measure the improvement.

new outlook

A new outlook

FM Alexander suggested that we translate every experience into muscle tension. Letting go of over tightened muscles, finding easy balance and buoyant uprightness brings with it a new positive disposition and often an improved emotional flexibility.

Regulating your emotional responses leads to improved outcomes in all areas of life.

Alexander Technique

Michael & Jane Shellshear

Learn with Michael and Jane at our Leura Studio

Michael and Jane Shellshear are senior Alexander Technique teachers with decades of experience. Improve your posture, find your balance, learn easy effortless movement with expert teachers.We are current membersof the Australian Society of Alexander Technique Teachers(AUSTAT) AUSTAT Approved Alexander Technique Teacher Training

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Professional Development

Alexander Teacher Training Program

Our AUSTAT approved Teacher Training Program  is definitely worth considering , if you have thoughts about training to become an Alexander Technique teacher.  Click below to find out more.

Workplace Training- Alexander Technique within the workplace

Joyful, chaotic,colourful,creative training for the adult learner.

Find out why Victorinox, Chevron and the Australian Tax Office find Alexander Technique  a valuable training skill for their workforce.

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