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Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique learning for Body Mind improvement

To create a better world, you can take small steps. Start with yourself. It’s possible to move better, balance better and feel better by learning Alexander Technique.

Plasticity” is the idea that we can add, change, and update how we think, move, and communicate. Alexander Technique allows you to understand and develop how your body and mind can work together. The skills associated with this new collaboration can make you feel better, act more efficiently and see the world in new and constructive ways.

When you learn to improve your movement and posture in action with us, you are developing a unique life skill that can be helpful in many situations.

Movement is one of the fundamental elements of good health. Easy, upright movement should be everyone’s inheritance. Unfortunately, in many instances, that’s not the case. You don’t need to be alone struggling with your aches, pains and poor movement. Let’s assist you to:

Michael & Jane Shellshear, from Blue Mountains Alexander Technique, will teach you Alexander Technique through their years of experience working with the Technique and adult learning. Alexander is the skill of body mind cooperation and how it can help you find ease in movement, posture, voice, and action.

Alexander Technique Resilience

Do you need to know how to recover from and prevent injury or re-injury? Use your body’s onboard movement knowledge to recover ease patterns that take pressure off your system and return you to normal high efficiency.

Alexander Technique is like no other approach to personal development and wellbeing because it develops a whole- system approach to your improvement.

It makes sense that we are designed for efficient and easy movement. Alexander uncovers that easy design in your movement.

Imagine walking, bending, running, playing your musical instrument, working at your computer with a newfound ease.

How useful would coping with stress and recovering your calm in all situations be?

Alexander Technique is the most useful amazing skill to learn.

Body Mind learning

You can start right away.  You will experience your body’s amazing potential for freedom from the first lesson. Then through regular learning you will become very skillful at discovering your potential for ease, success and freedom.

Speak to Blue Mountains Alexander Technique and we can help you to discover and use this great skill for positive outcomes. Call Michael on 0448 406 881