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Alexander Technique

Discover how you can develop great

movement & posture


I found it highly informative and helpful-radical in simplicity of changes in attitude to body and movement, creating new possibilities for ease and change!

David Harvey - Hazelbrook NSW

Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique

Learn to improve your movement and posture in action with Alexander Technique. Easy, upright movement should be everyone’s inheritance. It’s not the case. Stop being alone struggling with your aches, pains and poor movement and posture!

  • Recover from injury.
  • Dissolve “stuck” habits that make your movement feel painful, awkward, and misaligned.
  • Move with knowledge and ease.
  • Experience poise and dynamic energy in your movement.

Your Alexander teacher will teach you the skill of body mind cooperation and how it can help you find ease in movement, posture, voice, and action.

Alexander Technique Resilience

Do you need to know how to recover from and prevent injury or re-injury? Use your body’s onboard movement knowledge to recover ease patterns that take pressure off your system and return you to normal high efficiency.

Alexander Technique is like no other approach to personal development and wellbeing.

It makes sense that we are designed for efficient and easy movement. Alexander uncovers that easy design in your movement.

Imagine walking, bending, running, playing your musical instrument, working at your computer with a newfound ease.

How useful would coping with stress and recovering your calm in all situations be?

Alexander Technique is the most useful amazing skill to learn.

Body Mind learning

You can start right away. Arrange an introductory lesson. You will experience your body’s amazing potential for freedom from the first lesson.

Speak to us and we can help you to discover and use this great skill for positive outcomes. Call Michael on 0448 406 881

Get started!

Find the right way for you to learn.

Alexander individual lessons

Benefit immediately from personalised movement analysis and learning tailored to address your specific issues. Lessons include table work for gentle release of muscle patterns. Call 0448 406 881

Seniors group class

Over 55’s class once a week. Thursdays at 1:00 until 2:30. Meet other mature people and learn this great skill for mobility and ease. Seniors card discount. $30 & $20 discount. Call 0448 406 881

After Work Class 5:30-7:00 Thursday

Finished work? Time for a group Alexander class. Learn how to overcome computer related aches and pains, stress-abatement strategies, and ease of movement. $30 Call 0448 406 881

Alexander Study Groups

These study groups are extremely popular. You learn through your own experience and by seeing how others apply Alexander ideas.

Leo Harrington from Katoomba said this of a recent study group: “The experiential and instructive nature of the course gave a wonderful learning experience. Michael’s experience in teaching and living with AT showed through at every stage.”

Click on this link to get more information.

Alexander Technique Zoom classes

Now you can get to an Alexander Technique teacher regardless of where you are in the world.

Work with a senior Alexander teacher, who has the experience to translate Alexander’s discoveries into practical tasks for you to explore, discover and benefit.

Come to a themed zoom study group. Share your learning with others and learn from them.  email Michael

Become an Alexander Technique teacher

Body Mapping with Jane Shellshear

If you are a musician, then you can learn how to move with your body’s design for playing with ease and efficiency. When you are free of the limitations imposed by overwork at your instrument, you connect profoundly to your sound, the music and your audience. 

Jane is a highly experienced musician, Alexander teacher and a Licensed Body Mapping Educator. Body mapping is for musicians and music groups. Click on this link for more information

Here’s what our students say:

I was led to discover more about controlling my movements including standing, walking, sitting and rising.  Very comprehensive but in a manageable staged sequence. I became very aware of my body and movements and my ability to make conscious decisions on how to move it.

Michael is clearly very knowledgeable but does not overwhelm with jargon. He communicates clearly and provides ample feedback.  No question or observation from me was too trivial.

I have been pain free for quite some time now. 

The new studio is very conducive to calm and quality treatment.  A wonderful setting.

Ron Thomas - Blaxland

“Michael Shellshear is a masterful Alexander teacher.  He guides one into freedom, not just physically but also on a deeper level, addressing many layers of one’s experience at the same time. The knowledge he imparts about Alexander’s teachings and its relationship to the human experience will remain with you for a lifetime.”

Justine Bristow - Hazlebrook

“Thank you, Jane. After your Body Mapping session, the flow of air and sound was free and fluid. It was awesome!”

Christina - Singer Brisbane

“Here’s a way to rediscover your body and connect to the way it moves. Come away with a strong connection to a more free flowing, moving you!”

Irene Iskric -Molong NSW

“Jane, I really can’t thank you enough for giving me the tools and information to shift some particularly challenging lifelong habits. Who knew bringing awareness would help so much?!   A big thank you!”

Andrew - pianist Melbourne

Michael has extraordinary skill in Alexander Technique and his group classes are a joy to attend.

Dave Starr - Hazlebrook

A wonderful, engaging and inciteful workshop, with plenty of opportunity to practise the work and much to take home to continue improving my co-ordination and use. The group of people were great to engage with and Michael with his expansive knowledge and experience bought the whole day seamlessly together. Thankyou.

Pam Darby-Mann - Molong