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What is the Alexander Technique?

Alexander Technique teaches you how to move in a new considered way with maximum ease and efficiency. 

Whether you need to overcome painful movement conditions or require better coordinated performance in skills, Alexander Technique provides a unique approach to learning that isn’t available anywhere else.

Alexander demonstrates that your mind is plastic, that your physical functioning is directly influenced by your mind and that your thinking can influence how your body works.

Human Design Wisdom

The evidence-based learning process and new sensory inputs from your teacher shows you human design wisdom, which may not have been so obvious previously. It’s a joyous discovery to understand that we are made for ease of movement.

Let us demonstrate to you how your mind and body working together in new ways can provide rapid improvement.

We can show you how to choose the movements that help you to reduce pain, grow in stature and minimise muscle tension.

Learn to manage chronic back and neck pain. Discover constructive conscious control of coordination.

Better breath control

Awareness of the muscles around the larynx, throat and neck can take pressure off highly stressed vocal components needed by singers, actors and trainers.

Reduction of tension allows for easier breathing.

It’s easy to see how improving your movement can make you feel better by taking pressure off your whole human system. Check out our resource section for in depth information.

A little Alexander Technique background.

Alexander Technique is based on the discoveries of Australian actor FM Alexander (pictured below). He lived from 1869 until 1955. He made interrelated movement discoveries through an incredible process of observation of himself and others.

Blue Mountains Alexander Technique

Even after a century of scientific discovery and innovation, Alexander’s observations on movement and posture have captured a fundamental key about human functioning.

Learning the Alexander Technique is easy when you learn with highly trained, qualified teachers.  In Australia. the Australian Society of Alexander Technique Teachers (AUSTAT) is the peak body that represents and accredits Alexander Technique teachers.



Watch this informative video from the FM Alexander Trust.

[How does the Alexander Technique work? Towards a scientific model. – YouTube]

How to learn

Although it’s useful to read a book about Alexander Technique, it misses all the sensory information necessary to develop accurate skills and knowledge. The many thousands of people who have learned Alexander Technique, have done so by attending lessons with a qualified teacher or group classes with a qualified teacher.

Blue Mountains Alexander Technique

In lessons you learn to self-regulate your movement through growing your awareness. The table above shows how mindful awareness of movement is developed through experiment and practical activities.

In lessons or group classes, you’ll perform simple movements in interesting new ways. The emphasis is on having all parts of you collaborate and work together harmoniously.

Bring a musical instrument, a golf club or any other practical skill that you would like to work with.

Blue Mountains Alexander Technique is Michael and Jane Shellshear. We are both highly experienced Alexander teachers. Jane specialises in working with musicians. If you would like to learn with us. Click the ” learn with us” link above to find out more.

Read what some of our students say about us here.

Saturday 22nd April Workshop

Get the practical help that you need with the guidance of an Alexander expert.  Join  the thousands of people who benefit from Alexander learning.

Alexander learning Blue Mountains Alexander Studio Leura

Body Mapping for musicians-the art of movement in music

When was the last time that you felt really good in your body when playing music? 

If it’s been a while, then the statistics are saying you are not alone and that you may even be experiencing pain or discomfort as a result of playing.

Licensed Body Mapping Educator, Jane Shellshear teaches the art of movement in music. You learn the practicalities of how your bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, fascia work together to support you and allow you to play.  The main purpose in studying your own anatomy is to bring that information to life in your music making.

As a highly experienced musician, I’m uniquely placed to ensure that quality movement information is fused with your own musical intention. 

Connect deeply with the music while simultaneously caring for your movement health in performance.

You can improve the effectiveness of your music teaching.  Improving your communication around technique is key.

Technique is how we move to play, to achieve the sound we want.

So having the tools to assist your students to learn how to move well is a revolutionary step in pedagogic practice. Contact us to find out more.