Alexander Technique Lessons in a bushland setting

Alexander Technique

I teach the Alexander Technique because I can help people through  improving the way they think, move and function in the world. Learning Alexander changed my life. I was able to overcome a cycle of chronic pain, recognise destructive patterns in myself and start to create positive outcomes in my life. I knew that I wanted to share this amazing discovery with the world.

Alexander Technique offers strategies that can be used by individuals or organisations for positive outcomes. Imagine knowing yourself with clarity and being able to employ a technique that provides you with the best possible outcome every time.

Even if we have got things terribly wrong or if we have been a victim to unfair circumstance, Alexander shows us the opportunities that are available to us in any situation. Regardless of where we are, what we are doing and what has stood in our way, Alexander Technique is a way of consciously connecting to our best potential. Whereas many paths offer us a helping hand, Alexander Technique shows us how we can help ourselves. It’s absolutely about self-empowerment and experiencing wholeness.

Alexander Technique is my way to evolve and sustain my own wellness. Let me share that process of discovery and resource with you. If you are curious to discover the interplay of movement, thought and spirit in yourself or within your organisation, then I invite you to learn the Technique with me in Leura, in the Blue Mountains outside of Sydney.

If you don’t know a lot about Alexander Technique, then you will benefit from just a few moments of finding out. I’ve made a short Introduction to help you. Click here.

Like in my own story, some people are totally inspired by the potential of Alexander’s discoveries. If you wish to share your journey and perhaps help others to benefit, Alexander Technique 30 day training is an in depth intensive process that we can explore. We are offering Alexander Technique in depth courses and we are finalising our application for accreditation to carry out Alexander Technique Teacher Training. Interested? We are asking for expressions of interest.   click here to find out more.

Take a weekend away in the Blue Mountains

Make your time away special!  Book your week-end introduction to Alexander Technique lesson with Michael Shellshear. Located a short walk from Leura shopping centre, in a beautiful bushland setting. You’ll enjoy a new skill  and a new ease that you can apply immediately.

Restoring Equilibrium •Balancing ease and effort • Embodied sensing and moving • Optimal breathing • Moving into freedom • Unifying mind, emotion, body and spirit. 

  • Introductory lessons
  • Ongoing, advanced and refresher sessions
  • Small group classes
  • Consultation for business & industry
  • Alexander Technique  Blue Mountains bushwalks (easy to hard) for small groups
  • Come to the Blue Mountains, enjoy the scenery and coffee shops, then have an Alexander Technique session to provide a great weekend away!
Michael Shellshear has been teaching Alexander Technique since 1991. He has a depth of experience to show you how to apply Alexander fundamentals. Explore significant ease of movement, improvement in balance and posture. Alexander Technique is renowned around the world. It’s a no-nonsense, educational approach to improve your health and well-being.

Michael Shellshear Alexander Technique

If you have already had Alexander Technique lessons, Michael can provide refresher training or advanced application of Alexander skills and knowledge up to pre-instructor level.

Take a break from Sydney, enjoy what the Blue Mountains has to offer, then come and enjoy a one-to-one Alexander Technique lesson or a small group class for you and a couple of friends. Make your Blue Mountains get away transformational!

“Michael Shellshear is a masterful Alexander teacher.  He guides one into freedom, not just physically but also on a deeper level, addressing many layers of one’s experience at the same time. The knowledge he imparts about Alexander’s teachings and its relationship to the human experience will remain with you for a lifetime.”
Justine Bristow

Musician & TaKeTiNa Instructor

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