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Michael and Jane Shellshear have been teaching since 1991. We offer individual tuition and group learning opportunities and much more.

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Discover the range of workshops, individual lessons and Alexander events that we host. Enjoy learning in a friendly relaxed environment with highly experienced teachers.

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We offer modulated Alexander Technique teacher training pathways. Become an AUSTAT approved Alexander Technique teacher. Part of a world wide community. Learn about yourself. Learn how to instruct. Work to develop connections. Find out more.

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Jane Shellshear is an accomplished musician, educator, Alexander teacher. She is Australia's only licensed ABME Body Mapping educator. Learn face-to-face or online.

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Discover online resources

Our free online Alexander Technique resources include interviews, videos, research papers, blogs, articles and more.

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Alexander Technique Articles

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Learn Alexander Technique.

You learn to prevent your negative habits. Replace them with new, positive habits that will help you move with ease, balance and poise.

For over one hundred years, people have been learning Alexander Technique to benefit from “neural re-education”. Automatic, learned movements and postures can often become destructive habits over time. Learning to prevent poor habits and replace them with integrated movement can have significant benefits for health and well-being.

Embodied learning techniques condition new movement patterns that work with your body’s natural design.

Somatic awareness skills teach your mind’s executive functioning centre to build neuroplasticity. New connections along with new awareness and new ideas allow you to move differently. Your body and mind learn to cooperate. It’s learning on a completely new level.



Elastic postural tone

The Alexander work encourages an easy uprightness marked by reduction in over-tension and better balance.

People are quite often surprised that they feel light and buoyant using Alexander principles.

Alexander Technique is not exercise, it’s neural re-education.

Reduction of chronic pain

People involved in chronic pain studies reported a significant and permanent reduction in the number of pain days that they experienced. Alexander Technique does not teach pain reduction techniques, nevertheless, one common outcome of the somatic education component in Alexander Technique is a reduction of pain conditions.

Improved performance

The Alexander work leads to a reduction of over-tension, greater accuracy and conservation of energy. These factors can augment good technique further in the performance of many skilled activities such as playing an instrument, speaking in public, sports and a range of other human endeavours.

A new outlook

FM Alexander suggested that we translate every experience into muscle tension. Letting go of over tightened muscles, finding easy balance and buoyant uprightness brings with it a new positive disposition and often an improved emotional flexibility.

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