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Michael Shellshear

BA. Adv Dip Alexander Technique Dip VET.mAUSTAT AIHS

Welcome to this Alexander Technique website. I’m Michael Shellshear. I help people to manage back and neck pain and many other movement related issues. People learn Alexander Technique to experience reduction of discomfort,profound ease,  fine balance and improved coordination. Alexander Technique skills can lead to many health and well being benefits.  Find out more about me. About Michael Page

Jane Shellshear

BMus (Syd) LTCL LMusA mAUSTAT mASPAH Licensed Andover Body Mapping Educator

Jane Shellshear is an accomplished musician, an Alexander Technique teacher and Australia’s only licensed Andover Body Mapping teacher. She works exclusively with musicians from all around Australia, to help them play with ease and without pain. For more information about Jane Find out about Jane here

Blue Mountains Alexander Technique

Location & Booking

Blue Mountains Alexander Technique is our registered business. We have been teaching the Alexander Technique in the mountains since 1998. We are located at Leura. We invite you to book a lesson with us and discover Alexander Technique.  If you wish book an appointment. make an appointment for you first Alexander lesson

What is the Alexander Technique?

Find out about Alexander Technique here

Lots of people come to this website just to find out what the Alexander Technique is. I can help you with a simple interactive introduction that takes about four minutes to get through.You’ll love this interactive explanation of Alexander Technique

Alexander Articles

Information about Alexander Technique applications

If you would like more detailed information read my new Alexander Technique Blog. I am adding new material all the time from basics to advanced Alexander Technique concepts. Alexander blogs covering a range of applications and interests.

What’s the Alexander Technique?

Can I really manage back and neck pain? Try this interactive short introduction to the Alexander Technique. Click  here.



Do you have an Alexander Question?

Send a message to let me know your question. I’ll do my best to answer you quickly.

Latest articles from our blog

Alexander Technique for Back Pain- 3 Top tips.

Alexander Technique for Back Pain- 3 Top tips.

Alexander Technique for back pain. Back Pain management top 3 tips.   The secret that thousands of people around the world know, is that you can manage back pain by learning Alexander Technique. If you have pains in your back, legs arms and neck that won't go...

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Alexander Technique and scoliosis

Alexander Technique and scoliosis

Alexander Technique is an invaluable tool for anyone who suffers from scoliosis. Conventional treatment involves the sufferer wearing a brace. Alexander Technique becomes an important skill that can be used to reduce some of the ill effects of being braced for a long period.

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Is Alexander Technique Quackery?

Is Alexander Technique Quackery?

Is Alexander Technique Quackery?To some people, Alexander Technique is quackery. They think of it as unscientific. They like to demean it and place it into a category of exclusion. Quite often, even though they may be well educated people, they will make this scathing...

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Does Alexander Technique help back pain?

Does Alexander Technique help back pain?

Chronic back pain can be effectively managed by employing Alexander Technique skills. Pain sufferers not only experienced reduction in pain days but also felt better in themselves after just a few Alexander Technique lessons.

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What is the Alexander Technique?

What is the Alexander Technique?

Achieving even a basic skill of preventing poor movement habits and allowing the body’s interconnectedness can often have cascading secondary benefits. Many people have reported lessening of pain conditions, incredible increase in ease of movement, reduction of stress and stress related health conditions.

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Travel to the Blue Mountains

Travel to the Blue Mountains. It’s far enough from Sydney to be like a holiday but close enough that you can travel there and back in a day. Look at the box to the right for some of the special features you’ll only get with Blue Mountains Alexander Technique.


Alexander Technique lessons with Michael or Jane at our Bushland Studio.

Pain management course. Intensive weeks of lessons to achieve a long lasting positive outcome.

Musicians session with Jane. Alexander and Bodymapping with a qualified  music teacher and performer.

Introductory workshops:  Small classes where you work with others

Walking workshops: Graded walks from easy to long in the Blue Mountains for walkers of all abilities with Michael and Jane.

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