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You don’t have to live in the Blue Mountains to study with us. Most of our courses offer online options as well as face-to-face. Learn from the safety of your home anywhere in your world . If you have a specific question that you would like answered  click here.


An incredible discovery that can help you!

Alexander Technique is a new approach to your health. Some skills and knowledge is all that it takes to overcome obstacles and take great care of your self.

Discover how to unlock your potential, change your body’s habits and move with poise and ease.

Whether you’re into sports, music or acting or just trying to overcome back, neck or movement problems Alexander Technique has something to offer to you.

Find the solutions that you have been looking for with Alexander Technique.

Alexander Technique can help back and neck pain!

Click the button below to discover top tips for managing and  reducing back pain. Alexander Technique shows you how to stop working against your natural design. You quickly benefit from finding the easiest, most efficient ways to move in your life.

We have pages with tips to try at home, pages with detailed information and steps that you can take to improve. Find out about our back pain workshops, our Backsaver cushion and more.

Are you ready to manage your back and neck pain without  heavy drugs, pain killers and surgery?

Part of a worldwide community

Alexander Technique is known around the world for helping people to recover after injury, achieve mindfulness in all aspects of life and improve performance.

Michael and Jane Shellshear are a part of a worldwide network of Alexander Technique teachers who are able to accurately impart this contemporary health technique.

Enjoy this practical learning process that draws on current scientific understanding.  Our teaching shows you how to discover ease and efficiency in your work life, your practice and your everyday life.

Find out a bit more about us and some of the courses that we run by pushing on the button below.

Alexander Technique Leura

When your performance is paramount!

Jane and Michael can assist you to find flow, ease and presence. Alexander Technique was born from the performing arts. Jane and Michael both have performing arts backgrounds. They have years of experience at helping performers overcome obstacles and meet their performance goals time after time. Act now!

Become an Alexander Technique Teacher

Our small friendly Alexander Training school offers an immesive learning stream. You get to explore Alexander Technique in depth through a well sequenced syllabus.

Accredited by the Australian Society of Alexander Technique Teachers (AUSTAT). Your training will provide a rich source of inspiration for self knowledge and teaching techniques for years to come.

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Here’s what our students say:

I was led to discover more about controlling my movements including standing, walking, sitting and rising.  Very comprehensive but in a manageable staged sequence. I became very aware of my body and movements and my ability to make conscious decisions on how to move it.

Michael is clearly very knowledgeable but does not overwhelm with jargon. He communicates clearly and provides ample feedback.  No question or observation from me was too trivial.

I have been pain free for quite some time now. 

The new studio is very conducive to calm and quality treatment.  A wonderful setting.

Ron Thomas


“Michael Shellshear is a masterful Alexander teacher.  He guides one into freedom, not just physically but also on a deeper level, addressing many layers of one’s experience at the same time. The knowledge he imparts about Alexander’s teachings and its relationship to the human experience will remain with you for a lifetime.”

Justine Bristow


“Thank you Jane. After your Body Mapping session the flow of air and sound was free and fluid. It was awesome!”



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“Here’s a way to rediscover your body and connect to the way it moves. Come away with a strong connection to a more free flowing , moving you!”

Irene Iskric

Assistant Principal