Backsaver | use a Backsaver cushion for a comfortable semi-supine

The semi-supine is a procedure that is recommended by Alexander Technique teachers around the world. It involves lying on a firm surface, having the knees drawn up and placing your head on books. That is unless you have a Backsaver!



Use Backsaver with your Semi-Supine

When talking about Alexander Technique & lower back pain, we talk about the significant management that is available. The semi-supine position, taught by most Alexander Technique teachers, helps you to manage by teaching you strategies to self-regulate the conditions occurring at your lower back.

These strategies include increasing somatic awareness, understanding the underlying structure and its correct movement and being able to elicit release of inappropriate muscle tension.

Use Backsaver regularly

You can use this fabulous cushion to assist your Alexander Technique semi-supine process. The cushion promotes an optimum relationship of your head to your spine when you carry out the semi-supine procedure. Apply Alexander awareness for even more benefit.

“I have been using the Backsaver for about a week now and I already feel a massive improvement in my lower back. I feel more aligned and way less pain. So Happy!”

Your cushion is made from premium materials by Jane & Michael Shellshear. We’ve been using them with our students for over twenty years now with great feedback and results.

The cushion is covered in a very high quality vinyl. It feels like leather but is totally animal friendly. It can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth and keeps its shape and pliability for years.

The strong colours that we use help you to remember to do your semi-supine. Semi-supine is a core procedure to do if you have back pain.

“When I did my 15 minutes today I was so relaxed…can you dream while you’re awake? Because I did. No pain lying down any more. I am noticing my posture more too…” Mandy Snow


Semi supine takes pressure of your spine and allows back muscles to soften and release. It’s a great opportunity to practice your Alexander body awareness. there are many benefits for doing this.


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