Alexander Technique Lessons and Workshops

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These are great for an introduction or a refresher
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Alexander Technique Courses

Regular workshops to stimulate your learning.

Workshops provide a good introduction to Alexander Technique. They also serve as a useful refresher to keep your Alexander skills evolving and relevant.

Our workshops are a great opportunity to see other people work with Alexander ideas; have a cuppa, enjoy lunch and discover your own Alexander strategies.

Alexander Technique teaches you to know your body and mind with a strong conscious awareness. When you activate your body’s natural organisation of movement it can lead to reduction of pain, a feeling of ease and a wonderful liberation of movement.

Come see for yourself at this friendly short workshop. It starts at 10am and finishes at 3pm. There’s a break for morning tea and for lunch (both are provided). The cost is $88 inc gst.

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Saturday 20th May 2023
Saturday August 26th 2023
Saturday 23rd September 2023
Saturday 28th October 2023
Blue Mountains Alexander Technique

Discover your ability to change your circumstance.

If you have a particular issue that you wish to dramatically improve, (back or neck pain, occupational overuse and so on), Alexander lessons have no peer for the astonishing change and improvement that they can bring.

Humans are built with an incredible array of design features to make us successful, to help us survive and to function in the world easily. Incredibly, we wire up our limbic system by the time we are seven years old.

Alexander lessons will help you to unlock all the potential that your body has for overcoming inappropriate habits. This can lead to astounding ease in movement; reduction of pain; release of tension; and heightened awareness and control.

Learn to use your body in a new way with heightened awareness, coordination and increased body knowledge.

Michael has been teaching Alexander Technique to people from diverse backgrounds for over thirty years. He is an expert at showing you how to develop new strategies for ease in movement, reduction in pain and a wonderful new coordination.

Michael is the current Chairperson for the Australian Society of Alexander Technique Teachers.

Initially, come for lessons two or more times per week, if you can. Expect to have up to thirty lessons to really benefit from Alexander Technique. Lessons cost $88 inc gst. Some discounts are available on request. They are between 45 minutes to one hour. Michael is available for lessons Monday to Friday. After hours times can be negotiated.  Be prepared to apply your learning in the real world for best results.

Find out more. Call Michael 0448 406 881


Alexander Technique Teacher Training

Train to become an Alexander Technique Teacher with us

The constant exposure to Alexander work that occurs with teacher training is transformative.  You, your awareness, your knowledge and skills will change. Your understanding of human functioning will dramatically expand. You are invited to take this incredible journey with us.
Why Study AT With Us

Jane and I have been working with Alexander Technique principles since before we met, thirty years ago, at the Alexander Technique Associates centre in Artarmon. Together, over many years, we have discussed, refined, researched and networked to develop an evolving understanding for human potential using Alexander Technique as our focus.

There are many valid reasons for undergoing teacher training. For some people it’s a vocational pathway into a rewarding career. For others, the intensive and continuous self-development offers a powerful way to self-knowledge.

Teacher Training is an opportunity for individuals to develop profound mastery of their own use of themselves. People who wish to work with us to develop understandings of human functioning will experience transformational change in how they move, think and feel. The emphasis of our training is your process. Visiting teachers from diverse fields will make your training balanced and complete.

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Alexander Technique zoom courses

Learn Online via zoom

Enjoy the benefits of working with senior Alexander teachers with over thirty years’ experience from your home.

Michael and Jane offer online lessons in Alexander Technique and Body Mapping.

Body Mapping classes are for musicians only by arrangement.

Online Alexander learning will take you through the information that you want to know and provide you with practical exercises that you can undertake for improvement.

Each lesson is recorded so that you have a record that you can refer back to. You will be given rich backgrounding materials that you can download and learn from.

Online learning is excellent for people affected by COVID; people who are locked down and for those people who wish to learn but have no access to an Alexander teacher in their area.

Give our zoom online lessons a try. They are a powerful teaching method to get your learning process happening at home, now.