Use semi supine to prevent causes of back pain

This person is doing an Alexander Technique procedure called the ‘semi-supine’. Some people call this the ‘Rescue Position’. It’s called the Rescue Position for good reason. If you suffer from back pain, this procedure quickly gives your body an opportunity to reduce pain and rebalance. What are the causes of lower back pain? One of the major causes of back pain is compression load bearing. This position helps to relieve that very quickly, when done correctly. Many students of the Alexander Technique swear by the semi-supine to reduce and manage chronic pain. It’s so simple that it’s ridiculous and yet, it’s a highly effective strategy. Try the semi-supine. Follow the instructions below.

Our tip, to you, is a brilliantly simple method for addressing lower back pain.

Here’s what you must do. You’ll need to find a carpeted floor or use a yoga mat on a hard surfaced floor. A bed is too soft for this procedure. Don’t use a bed.

You may have trouble getting up and down. If that’s the case, have a good upright chair close by that you can use to assist getting down and then up.

Jane is using a Backsaver®. It’s a hard cushion with a wooden base to place under her head for support. I recommend that, if you don’t have a Backsaver®, use some paperback books to place under your head for support.

It’s not unusual to have some discomfort doing this procedure, at first, especially if you suffer from lower back pain. Your back may feel achy and may even click. After a few moments of lying, your back should begin to ease. If that’s not the case and you are extremely uncomfortable, cease the procedure and give Michael a call on 0448 406 881, during business hours.

Lie on a carpeted floor for 10-15 minutes with your knees up. If you find that hard or painful you can rest your calves on a chair. Have some paperback books under your head supporting its weight.

Fold your arms so that your hands sit on your torso. Just by lying on a firm surface you are giving your injury area time to heal and rest. It’s important to get back up to standing, safely and with support. Use a chair to help you get up.

For more instruction and information watch this short video on the semi supine procedure from my colleague Carolyn Nicholls. If you come for Alexander lessons, one of the first things that I will show you is how to do this procedure. Simple but highly effective.

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