Alexander Technique Teacher Training

Alexander Technique Teacher Training Program

 Alexander Teacher Training Blue Mountains

Alexander Technique provides a structure for deep personal understanding and mastery using mindful self regulating behaviours in activity. Teachers develop a heightened internal and proxemic awareness, a depth of understanding of functional human anatomy, physiology and neurology and skills relating to mindfulness in activity. Practical exercises develop experiential learning of human functioning, of the role of the muscles, the central nervous system, the peripheral nervous system and the autonomic nervous system.

Learn to teach Alexander Technique

Alexander made in-depth observation of human response behaviours that led him to develop a “psycho-physical unity” model of human functioning. Teachers develop skills around this model and are able to articulate these skills to students by employing teaching strategies. Teachers demonstrate a state of quiet awareness, an easy balance and light movement that is calm and accurate. Teachers are able to provide sensory stimuli using “hands-on” guidance and very particular language. A skilled Alexander teacher is able to assist people to understand embodied mind and its implications for self-regulation of movement, balance and breath.

A profound Alexander Technique journey of discovery

The Alexander Teacher Training is sequenced into three one-year long journeys. The first year is foundational work on self. Your understanding and experience of Alexander Technique fundamentals are dramatically expanded by a significant immersion of Alexander work focused on your journey. The work is characterised by:

    • significant personalised work with senior teachers,
    • highly structured procedures based on Alexander’s writings’
    • experiments in movement and human response,
    • detailed study of functional human anatomy and physiology
    • detailed research & reading of Alexander’s four books and related reference material

 Highly developed Alexander Technique skills

The second year provides you with foundations of teaching skills. While continuing to deepen your own Alexander journey, you learn how to explain Alexander Technique to individuals and groups. You practise language and communication skills. You increase your ability to see and diagnose “manner of use”,”conditions of use” and functioning. You learn how to move a person toward conscious constructive control of themselves while continuing to develop your own conscious strength. The work is characterised by:

    • highly detailed practical work developing Alexander hands-on skills
    • development of teaching and presentation skills, games theory, group teaching techniques
    • teaching scenarios, pattern recognition, diagnosis of manner of use, conditions of use and functioning
    • how to provide practical instruction in inhibition; primary control; faulty sensory appreciation; means whereby;end-gaining, direction, thinking in activity
    • body mapping
    • working with activities
    • language models-Alexander’s language, jargon free language,language patterns

The final year helps you to maintain your own use of yourself for extended periods of time while working with members of the general public within supervised and structured safety. The work is characterised by:

    • Teach supervised lessons with general public
    • Advanced hands-on techniques
    • Teach a small group
    • Give an Introductory talk tailored for a particular interest group
    • Write an article for website, blog, podcast,video or newspaper
    • Respond to student scenarios in a professional manner
    • Develop professional behaviours including referrals, courtesy, professional ethics, non-discriminatory behaviours
    • Undertake external study including first aid, cert IV TAE; any other learning

Australian Society for Teachers of the Alexander Technique

Trainee teachers will be moderated by senior teachers from the Australian Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique who will provide feedback on the development of your Alexander skills and self-work. Graduates from this training will be accredited by AUSTAT * and recognised by  STAT affiliated societies around the world.

Trainee teachers will be assessed through formal observations, written projects and use of log books. All assessment will be  discussed with teacher trainees, explained and used to develop personalised outcomes during the course of training. Trainee teachers are required to perform to a satisfactory level in all assessments over the three years to meet requirements for graduation.  All trainee teachers must maintain student membership of AUSTAT as a condition of their training.

Blue Mountains Alexander Training Head of Training is Michael Shellshear. Assistant Head of Training is Jane Shellshear. Senior Teacher Helen Thomson. BMAT will be inviting senior teachers from around the world to be guest teachers.

* BMAT meets all the requirements for approval by AUSTAT. Approval is currently pending.

Expression of interest


Have we interested you in becoming Alexander Technique teacher? Alexander Training is the most rewarding, transformative experience. Take the next step, today. Contact Michael or Jane to begin a discussion. We will send you a syllabus and other paperwork connected with training. Then we will invite you to travel to the mountains and share some Alexander work with us. We’ll also suggest other schools that you can speak with to ensure that you find the right experience for you.

Australian Society of Teachers of the FMA

Australian Society for Teachers of the FM Alexander Technique. (AUSTAT)

Alexander Technique Teacher Training