Alexander Technique teacher training

Start date:

Start your training when you are ready.

Want to convert your non-AUSTAT training to AUSTAT approved? Speak to us about 6(d) training to convert to AUSTAT Approved.

Time Commitment:

1600 hours over three years leading to an AUSTAT approved certificate of Alexander Technique Teaching. There are four 10-week terms per year. AUSTAT requires 3 days per term week. Days can be tailored to suit you.


Delivery will be in person with an option for some units to be delivered online. Face to face training will be delivered at Leura in the Blue Mountains.  We believe that the quality of our training and our fee structure will make the journey to Leura a feasible one for students located in Sydney.


The cost is $1500 +gst per term to be paid in advance. This covers all tuition and insurances. The full course cost is $18,000+gst, over 12 terms.  Some costs, such as reference books, AUSTAT student registration and residentials may be extra to this fee.

Accreditation Body:

Australian Society of Teachers of the FMAIn Australia, the Australian Society of Alexander Technique Teachers (AUSTAT) is the peak body that represents and accredits Alexander Technique teachers. By choosing to learn with Blue Mountains Alexander Technique, you will work with Michael Shellshear, the current Chair of the AUSTAT.

Why Study AT With Us

Jane and I have been working with Alexander Technique principles since before we met, thirty years ago, at the Alexander Technique Associates centre in Artarmon. Together, over many years, we have discussed, refined, researched and networked to develop an evolving understanding for human potential using Alexander Technique as our focus.

Teacher Training is an opportunity for individuals to develop profound mastery of their own use of themselves. People who wish to work with us to develop understandings of human functioning will experience transformational change in how they move, think and feel. The emphasis of our training is your process. Visiting teachers from diverse fields will make your training balanced and complete.

What You Will Learn

“General system theory, therefore, is a general science of wholeness… The meaning of the somewhat mystical expression, “The whole is more that the sum of its parts” is simply that constitutive characteristics are not explainable from the characteristics of the isolated parts. The characteristics of the complex, therefore, appear as new or emergent…” – Ludwig von Bertalanffy


Trainees are taught to develop an extended awareness of themselves and their environment. Alexander provides new models for understanding and working with human functioning. We explore that through experiments, meditations and integrative work.

There are 4 levels of development for a trainee. These are:

      • Self-awareness
      • How to talk on Alexander Technique
      • Instruction
      • Professional Identity.

Each level is influenced and focused by three developmental strands

      • Work on the self (especially in stage 1)
      • work with students (stage 2 & 3)
      • work within the community (stage 3)

We will milestone your process of investigation and provide you with instructional and communication skills, so that, should you wish, you will be accredited to teach others this extraordinary technique.

In addition to the above… we also prepare you to run your own business, taking on your own clients and providing mentoring through the process.


Our Approach

Imagine having 12 Alexander lessons every week for 40 weeks a year! It’s common for people to have one lesson a week but this makes their process for change slow and difficult. You will be experiencing the Technique continuously.

Most people come to a teacher training course because they want to overcome, and they want to change. Having 1600 hours of lessons over three years is an experience like no other. It is truly transformative. In fact, you will have accrued so much more experience and knowledge about Alexander Technique than most people experience in their lifetime. You will want to teach people about this.

The first stage of teacher training is all about you. You experience continuous Alexander hands-on with many teachers. You power up your Alexander skills and knowledge; you develop enhanced body awareness; you become knowledgeable about your anatomy and physiology. You come to see the world through Alexander filters understanding your behaviours and the behaviours of those around you and how they reflect the unconscious and conscious mind.

In our course you will also consider self-regulation and co-regulation; neuroplasticity; growth mindsets; overcoming stuck points and balancing physiology, thinking and emotion. We explore conscious awareness and the possibilities heightened consciousness presents.

We emphasise the conscious relationship that you have with yourself, with your students and with the community.

Our program explores thinking within practical activities, ideas and relationships.


Express an interest

Click the button below to send us a confidential email. We will send you our syllabus for you to consider. If you are interested, we can take it from there.


Michael Shellshear (Head of Training and Chair of AUSTAT)) has developed a flexible syllabus that provides a learning structure to your exploration of self.

Jane Shellshear (Assistant Head of Training) provides trainees with strong Body Mapping understanding for their Alexander process.

Stefanie Faye (Guest Lecture) is recognised around the world as a proponent of Growth Mindset and a “systems thinking” approach to human interaction.

Helen Thomson (Guest Lecture) shows trainees classical Alexander approaches to movement and brings her experience as an Alexander Teacher working at NIDA to trainees.

Extra to our faculty, guest teachers from around Australia and the world, visits to other training schools, AUSTAT events and conferences. This teacher training is transformative and liberating. You will discover a great deal about yourself and about working with people in a conscious constructive way. We will provide you with many opportunities to work with diverse teachers.

Michael Shellshear

Director of Training

Jane Shellshear-Body Mapping

Jane Shellshear

Assistant Head of Training & Body Mapping

Blue Mountains Alexander Technique

Stefanie Faye.

Visiting Fellow. Neuroscience educator

Blue Mountains Alexander Technique

Helen Thomson.

mAUSTAT. Alexander Procedures