Alexander Technique Teacher Training

Alexander Technique in depth training

Alexander Technique Teacher Training?

I’d like to offer the opportunity for interested people to come for an extended exploration into Alexander Technique. This intensive class is open to all.

Alexander suggested that his ‘pupils’ come to him each day for 30 days. Consequently, they experienced rapid and profound change. By immersing in the Alexander process you engage with Alexander’s discoveries fully and completely.

As a result, many people who study Alexander Technique intensively are delighted by the opening doors of self-awareness, control and human potential that they experience.

We would work as a small group of no more than five.  I will facilitate an avenue of enquiry about Alexander’s work and about your journey each day.

So on a daily basis, you would have a one-to-one lesson as well as working in a group class.

This is the forerunner of an even more intensive immersion into Alexander’s work, the development of an Alexander Technique Teacher Training Course.

We will explore Alexander’s writings and discoveries through the practical implementation of the experiments that he describes. As we work with and become familiar with his position of mechanical advantage(POMA), with the “whispered ah” process, with the hands on back of chair and semi supine we will develop insight not available with once-a-week lessons.

You will feel your body shift and change, your perception will become finer as you notice internal and external sensations with greater clarity.

Daily lessons and Alexander work

Having an Alexander lesson once a week is one thing but experiencing a lesson each day for thirty days is a supercharge that will change you.

The benefits of this kind of immersive learning are profound understanding of ease in movement and posture. This will be a joyful experiment in applying Alexander’s work set in a beautiful, peaceful garden studio.


Intensive Alexander Learning

This intensive learning process is the authentic process that Alexander envisaged and insisted on for his many clients during the first half of the twentieth century.

Add to this group work where we will experiment with body mapping, sensory awareness and acuity and applying Alexander principles to activities.

The classes are planned for 2021 and will be held in my new garden studio at Leura. The ultimate direction and format will be determined by the group.

This is a rare opportunity to experience a deep immersion into the Alexander work.

Alexander Technique Teacher Training

The opportunity to create a Blue Mountains Alexander Technique Teacher Training Course is an evolution that we will consider and, with your input, work towards. Teacher Training is three years and 1600 hours.

I have many years experience as an Alexander teacher. I have worked on a number of Alexander Technique Teacher Training schools. I have been an administrator on the Australian Society of Alexander Technique Teachers (AUSTAT) Council including four terms as Chair.  I also hold Certificate IV and Diploma of Vocational Education. I have trained trainers for over 15 years. I have developed a great deal of adult education material including writing a unit of competency on Alexander Technique. CUAWHS404 Apply Alexander Technique in Live Performance.

My partner Jane Shellshear is a gifted music teacher, an Alexander Technique teacher of many years and an Andover Body Mapping teacher. Together we provide a strong team for training.

So this page is an expression of interest page. Care to join Michael and Jane Shellshear on a journey of discovery?

Express your interest by filling in the form to your right. Once there is a core group interested we will determine logistics for the intensives.

John Cleese Alexander Technique

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