Alexander Technique Teacher Training Program

Alexander Technique Teacher Training Program

Teacher Training is an opportunity for individuals to develop profound mastery of their own use of themselves. People work with us to develop a highly informed understanding of human functioning.  They experience transformational change in how they move, think and feel. The emphasis of our training is your process. Visiting teachers from diverse fields will make your training balanced and complete. 

Start date:

Training involves completing 12 modules to achieve certification. Blue Mountains Alexander Technique offers flexible training times over four terms each year. You can join training at the beginning of a term.

Time Commitment:

Under a new proposed training model, the trainee will negotiate a schedule of training with the AUSTAT Approved Teacher Trainer. Although the Volume of Learning is aproximately 1600 hours, the trainee can balance their paid work with their commitment to the Alexander Technique teacher training.


Delivery is a combination of face-to-face and online. Face to face training will be delivered at Leura in the Blue Mountains.  We believe that the quality of our training and our fee structure will make the journey to Leura a feasible one for students located in Sydney and beyond.


The cost is $2000 +gst per term, to be paid in advance each term.  This covers all tuition and insurances. The full course cost is $24,000+gst, over 12 terms.  Some costs, such as reference books, AUSTAT student registration and residentials may be extra to this fee.

Accreditation Body:

Australian Society of Teachers of the FMA In Australia, the Australian Society of Alexander Technique Teachers (AUSTAT) is the peak body that represents and accredits Alexander Technique teachers. By choosing to learn with Blue Mountains Alexander Technique, you will work with Michael Shellshear, the current Chair of the AUSTAT and Jane Shellshear current Chair of the training course standing committee AUSTAT.

Why Study AT With Us

Michael and Jane bring a depth of practical experience and profound understanding of Alexander’s work. Adult Education qualifications, advocates for learning through activity; experience presenting to groups, thousands of individual lessons, experience delivering to corporate clients, experience giving workshops to large and small groups of public, public speaking, experience training. We are placed to deliver innovative, empowering training that combines embodied and cognitive elements for a unique Alexander training. Highly experienced faculty. Small school for one-to-one training plus a keen pool of locals for group work, student lessons and demonstration teaching.

What You Will Learn

“General system theory, therefore, is a general science of wholeness… The meaning of the somewhat mystical expression, “The whole is more than the sum of its parts” is simply that constitutive characteristics are not explainable from the characteristics of the isolated parts. The characteristics of the complex, therefore, appear as new or emergent…” –

Ludwig von Bertalanffy-early developer of systems theory

Trainees are taught to develop an extended awareness of themselves and their environment.

There are 4 levels of development for a trainee. These are:

      • Self-awareness
      • How to talk on Alexander Technique
      • Instruction
      • Professional Identity.

Each level is influenced and focused by three developmental strands

      • Work on the self (especially in stage 1)
      • work with students (stage 2 & 3)
      • work within the community (stage 3)

We will milestone your process of investigation and provide you with instructional and communication skills, so that, should you wish, you will be accredited to teach others this extraordinary technique.

In addition to the above… we also prepare you to run your own business, taking on your own clients and providing mentoring through the process.


Call Michael 0448 406 881

Arrange a visit to Blue Mountains Alexander Technique. Experience work with Michael and Jane to determine whether this is the school for you. You are welcome to visit and discuss your teacher training needs.

Try an Immersive Alexander Technique experience

Don’t have the time or situation that allows you to train as an Alexander Technique teacher? 

Try an Alexander Technique immersive learning pathway. True to its name, the idea is to immerse you in Alexander Technique for personal growth, development of resilience and recovery from injury.

You will come to one full-day (five hours) of Alexander Technique instruction every fortnight plus a weekly zoom study class and self-directed projects using online eLearning and other resources.

Personal Development Pathway

This intensive pathway does not allow you to teach the Alexander Technique but, you get to join with others who are highly involved with learning Alexander Technique and you get to deepen your own process of personal growth and discovery.

In this pathway you can choose to come for one-term, two, three or four terms per year.

It’s one hundred hours per term. 50 hours face-to-face. 10 hours zoom and forty hours online or self-directed. The cost is $1500 + gst per term. This equates to $15 per hour.  You get a certificate of attendance that may be used at some future date for recognition of prior learning for a full teacher’s qualification (subject to rule change being accepted by AUSTAT AGM 2023).



Get started

An Alexander Technique Teacher Training Course or an advanced-student intensive course provide you with life changing skills and knowledge. Click the button below to begin your enquiry.

Blue Mountains Alexander Technique Training Program Faculty

Michael Shellshear

Director of Training

Alexander Technique teacher Training Program

Jane Shellshear

Assistant Head of Training & Body Mapping

Alexander Technique Australia

Stefanie Faye.

Visiting Fellow. Neuroscience educator

Alexander Technique Australia

Helen Thomson.

mAUSTAT. Alexander Procedures

Michael Shellshear

Michael Shellshear (Head of Training BMAT and Chair of AUSTAT)) has developed a flexible syllabus that provides a learning structure to your exploration of self through practical work, demonstrations, games and experiment. Years of teacher training experience, he taught at Alexander Technique Associates teacher training under William Brenner; he has taught at School for Alexander Technique Studies Melbourne and Sydney Alexander Technique Teacher Training. Michael has written numerous training courses in Alexander Technique and Work Health and Safety. He has presented on Alexander Technique, Safety and Leadership and Management to many corporate clients around Australia. Michael will show you how to teach from your own process of discovery.

Jane Shellshear

Jane Shellshear (Assistant Head of Training & current Chair of the Training Course Standing Committee AUSTAT) provides trainees with strong Body Mapping understanding for their Alexander process. Jane is an accomplished musician and musical educator. She is the only licensed AMEB body Mapping Educator in Australia. Jane’s in depth understanding of functional anatomy and her ability to explain that in simple terms, provides a foundational basis for dramatically expanding your body awareness. Jane uses games, demonstrations, presentations and practicals to teach her process.

Stefanie Faye

Stefanie Faye (Guest Lecture) is recognised around the world as a proponent of Growth Mindset and a “systems thinking” approach to human interaction. Stefanie is a brilliant online presenter and neuroscience for personal-growth educator.  Alexander made his discoveries through an acute process of observation of human functioning. Through modelling and evidence-based research, Neuroscience is demonstrating many of the observations that Alexander made.  Stefanie’s work will add a powerful specialist dimension to your training as an Alexander Technique teacher and hugely increase your understanding of your-self.

Helen Thomson

Helen Thomson (AUSTAT Senior Teacher) shows trainees classical Alexander approaches to movement and brings her experience as an Alexander Teacher working at NIDA to trainees. Trainees will be able to work with Helen in Blue Mountains and at her home in Cammeray.

Extra to our faculty, guest teachers from around Australia and the world, visits to other training schools, AUSTAT events and conferences. This teacher training is transformative and liberating. You will discover a great deal about yourself and about working with people in a conscious constructive way. We will provide you with many opportunities to work with diverse teachers.

Alexander Technique Courses

Our Alexander Technique courses are designed for individuals who are passionate about helping others and want to make a meaningful impact in the field of pain management and mind-body wellness. Our comprehensive curriculum covers a wide range of topics, ensuring that you receive a well-rounded education in the Alexander Technique.

Throughout the course, you will delve into the principles and foundations of the Alexander Technique, gaining a deep understanding of body awareness, natural movement, and the mind-body connection. Our experienced instructors will guide you through hands-on practice, interactive lectures, and practical exercises, allowing you to fully embody and integrate this transformative technique.

Alexander Technique Training Courses and Approved Certification

With our Alexander Technique teacher training, you will not only acquire invaluable skills and knowledge, but you will also receive a prestigious certification. The Alexander technique training courses open doors to various career opportunities, including private practice, group workshops, educational institutions, and more.

Blue Mountain Alexander Technique certification is highly regarded within industry, making our graduates sought after by individuals and organisations seeking qualified Alexander Technique teachers. Stand out from the crowd and embark on a fulfilling career as a certified Alexander Technique teacher.

Join Our Passionate and Supportive Community

When you enrol in Alexander Technique teacher training program, you become part of our passionate and supportive community of Alexander Technique enthusiasts and practitioners. Benefit from ongoing support and connections with like-minded individuals who share your dedication to the Alexander Technique.

Our vibrant community provides opportunities for continued growth and learning through workshops, events, and networking. Stay updated with the latest developments in the field, exchange ideas, and collaborate with fellow educators and practitioners.

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If you’re ready to embark on a rewarding career as an Alexander Technique teacher, Blue Mountain Alexander Technique’s Teacher Training program is the ideal choice. Discover the art of teaching this powerful technique and make a lasting impact on the lives of others.

Begin your journey by exploring our website to learn more about the Alexander Technique courses and other offerings. To inquire about enrollment in our teacher training program, click here and fill out our contact form. Our team will be delighted to assist you and provide you with all the information you need to take the next step.

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