Alexander Technique Teacher Training

Alexander Technique Teacher Training Program

A unique approach to Alexander Teacher Training

There are a number of Alexander Technique Teacher Training Schools around Australia. Blue Mountains Alexander Technique Teacher training is located in Leura NSW. Michael and Jane Shellshear would like to encourage you to think about teacher training.  A career as an Alexander teacher offers an opportunity for developing a unique and profound understanding of yourself and of others that has no equivalent. We feel that our teacher training program has unique elements that won’t be found at any other training school.

Michael and Jane have run their Alexander Technique practice continually since 1995, attracting thousands of people to Alexander Technique through lessons, groups, workshops and talks. As you would expect, we have significant and highly developed experience in teaching the Technique. We have worked on Alexander Technique training schools and we have consistently worked on ourselves to provide model examples. Michael has been Chairperson of the Australian Society for Teachers of FM Alexander Technique (AUSTAT) four times and continues to be involved in the Society. Jane has been a presenter at music teaching conferences and at AUSTAT Conferences, bringing her body mapping expertise and music performance experience to the learning process.

A vocational based training modelling experts

Michael and Jane have also run their consulting company HR Learning successfully since 2006, presenting training across Australia. Our training has reflected our skills and knowledge in music performance, drama, work health and safety, leadership and business practice. We have presented to music schools and conservatoriums, theatre schools (NIDA, Sydney Theatre School, Sydney Screen School and Actors Centre) and ASX500 companies such as Apple, Bluescope Steel, Unilever, RAAF and so on. Michael has trained trainers as a part of the National Training framework and has written nationally recognised training including a unit of competency on the Alexander Technique (Apply Alexander Technique to Live Performance). Over the years we have made our business work while staying true to the Alexander Technique and bringing up two children and paying off a mortgage.  Our training will ground you in professional Alexander Technique practice, strong business skills and the ability to clearly communicate the benefits of studying Alexander Technique to diverse groups.

AUSTAT Accredited Alexander Technique Teacher Training

AUSTAT Accredited Alexander Technique Teacher Training lasts for a minimum of three years and a maximum of five years. 1600 hours must be completed with a minimum attendance of 12 hours per week during term time. There are no pre-requisites for training. We accept people at all stages of their Alexander process. We feel that we can offer a realistic  schedule of training that allows you a realistic way to earn your livelihood whilst training.

The Directors feel that being networked into Australia’s largest professional Alexander Technique organisation provides advantages for our trainees. Specifically, the AUSTAT student membership involves you within the mileu of Alexander Technique teachers here in Australia and around the world. Consequently, it is a provision of your training contract with us that you become a student member of AUSTAT and maintain that membership over the term of your training. Please note: Blue Mountains Alexander Technique Teacher Training is currently seeking AUSTAT Accreditation.

We have purpose built our Alexander Studio within a magnificent, landscaped garden to inspire you and us.  It provides a beautiful setting for training with a small group of trainees.

Learn Alexander Technique in a beautiful garden setting

Building rock walls -Blue Mountains AT gardens

There are many opportunities for part-time work in the Mountains. Rents are reasonable. It would also be realistic to travel from Sydney which is 90 minutes drive.

Your training pathway

Our training school provides a syllabus that is sequenced in such a way as to provide a coherent and achievable pathway to your teaching qualification. You will be encouraged to immerse yourself in Alexander Technique, to understand the principles and their application. This will involve intensive work on yourself in the first year, understanding the teaching process in the second year and working with the general public in your third year.

The teaching method of the school is influenced by the oral traditions of Alexander Technique teaching handed down by first generation teachers and by adult educational theorists such as Malcolm Knowles, Benjamin Bloom and Gregory Bateson.

As well as practical work in the training room, trainees will be expected to undertake projects, complete assessment tasks, participate in outside talks and workshops accompanying Training Course Directors and/or guest teachers and undertake online work. Trainees, under supervision,  will experience corporate placements with sponsor companies during their third year. All training will be assessed to clearly defined  criteria which will provide clarity and transparency of process. BMAT will regularly review training to ensure continual improvement and validation of training.

An invitation to learn

Jane and Michael invite you to discover more about the Blue Mountains Alexander Technique Teacher Training Program. Contact us by using the form on this page or phone Michael on 0448 406881. You will be sent a detailed prospectus containing our syllabus, schedule of training and trainee details.

Expression of interest


Have we interested you in becoming Alexander Technique teacher? Alexander Training is the most rewarding, transformative experience. Take the next step, today. Contact Michael or Jane to begin a discussion. We will send you a syllabus and other paperwork connected with training. Then we will invite you to travel to the mountains and share some Alexander work with us. We’ll also suggest other schools that you can speak with to ensure that you find the right experience for you.

Australian Society of Teachers of the FMA

Australian Society for Teachers of the FM Alexander Technique. (AUSTAT)

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