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AUSTAT Accredited Alexander Technique Teacher Training

Join our Alexander Technique teacher training course within our small friendly school. Learning the Alexander Technique to become an accredited teacher is an extraordinary journey of self-discovery.

What’s our vision?

We have developed an in depth immersion into Alexander Technique for people who want to teach professionally. The course is also suitable for people whose main interest is improving themselves. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive journey of discovering Alexander Technique that includes traditional embodied learning as well as cognitive learning approaches.

How do I learn?

Our teaching pedagogy arranges the learning in four integrating areas.  1. Exploring Alexander Technique 2. Articulating Alexander Technique 3. Instructing Alexander Technique 4. Professional Identity.

Each area is explored in detail and sequenced for personal development and insight over the life of the course and beyond.

The work is oriented to appplicatiion of work on yourself-application of work with a student and application of work within the community.

You will network and work with Alexander Teachers from aroound Australia and the world.

Highly experienced teacher trainers

Michael and Jane Shellshear are qualified and skilful trainers in Alexander Technique, in performance and in allied areas. We offer you a world-class Alexander training, accredited by the Australian Society of Alexander Technique Teachers.

We are:

    • accomplished educators with knowledge of adult learning principles, vocational learning and working with individuals and groups.
    • highly involved in the Australian Alexander Technique community. Michael has been Chairperson for the Australian Society of Alexander Teachers (AUSTAT) four times. Jane has been a presenter at AUSTAT conferences and is a member of the AUSTAT Training Course standing committee.
    • strongly focused on continuing to develop our knowledge and professional skills.

Part of the Australian Alexander Technique professional community

Our involvement in the Alexander community will open doors for you to meet and work with amazing Alexander teachers from all around Australia and the world; to network with other accredited training schools around Australia and to develop your own professional profile as you develop within the community.

Australian Society for Teachers of the Alexander Technique

Graduates from this Alexander Technique teacher training course will be accredited by AUSTAT and recognised by STAT affiliated societies around the world. AUSTAT recognitition is an important standard of quality training within Australia.


Our fees are $2500 per term payable in advance. There are four terms per year.


Our training school is currently offering  substantial scholarships to support trainees over your entire three-year training. This means a significant reduction in fees. This is another reason that Blue Mountains Teacher Training is worth considering as the foremost school  to undertake training.

Enquire for more information.

Download your free syllabus from the column on the right. Have a read. If it sounds like the right course for you, feel free to call us .

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Alexander Technique Teacher Training

Download your free teacher training syllabus

We think that you’ll love the active learning, the personal transformation and the depth of understanding that you’ll get from our course. However, you be the judge. Download your free copy of our syllabus and see what you think. Any questions just let us know.

Australian Society of Teachers of the FMA

Our teacher training program is accredited by the Australian Society for Teachers of the FM Alexander Technique. (AUSTAT)

Alexander Technique Teacher Training