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Jane and Michael Shellshear

Blue Mountains Alexander Technique

Michael and Jane Shellshear have been deeply involved with the Alexander Community in Australia for many years. As Jane has been the Training Course Standing Committee Chairperson for the Australian Society of Alexander Technique Teachers (AUSTAT) and Michael has been Chairperson of AUSTAT a number of times, they have developed a network of colleagues around Australia. Michael is the current Chairperson AUSTAT. Both are seasoned presenters and advocates for the Alexander technique.

Together, they have created a beautiful garden studio within the landscaped grounds of our  house in Leura. In that way,they provide a sanctuary where people can come to learn in beautiful surroundings.

Jane Shellshear Body Mapping

Jane Shellshear

ABME Licensed Body Mapping Educator; BMus (Syd) LTCL LMusA; m.AUSTAT m.ASPAH
As a music educator I have extensive knowledge in performance practice across mainstream genres and a depth of experience in instrumental teaching. Integrating this with a sophisticated approach to how movement and manner of physical use impacts upon performance gives my teaching a unique tone.
A Licensed Body Mapping Educator, I am well resourced with support from a worldwide community of teachers dedicated to the same mission – to place music education on a secure somatic foundation. We work with our fellow musicians to establish healthy patterns of movement that will last them a lifetime of playing. These same patterns will also enhance sound quality and expression in music making.
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Michael Shellshear Alexander Technique

Michael Shellshear

BA; Advanced Diploma Alexander Technique;Certificate Alexander Technique; Diploma Vocational Education & Training; Cert IV Training and Assessment;Dip Leadership & Management;Dip. Work Health and Safety;Dip.Business m.AUSTAT; AIHS

Michael brings over thirty years’ experience and skill to his teaching of Alexander Technique. He has read and studied the writings of FM Alexander and reflects a deep understanding of the potential applications of Alexander Technique.

Michael is the current Chair of The Australian Society for Alexander Technique Teachers (AUSTAT) having served in that role four times previously.

He is approved by AUSTAT to run a Teacher Training Program. He holds qualifications in Adult Learning and assessment. At one time he worked as a Senior Safety consultant with National Safety Council of Australia and has taught ergonomics and manual handling to companies around Australia.

Michael is ideally placed to instruct people with chronic pain conditions, movement issues and those seeking positive outcomes.