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Alexander Technique for Back Pain- 3 Top tips.

Alexander Technique for Back Pain- 3 Top tips.

lower back pain top 3 tips

Alexander Technique for back pain. Back Pain management top 3 tips.

Are you struggling with discomfort and pain? You’re not alone. Over 4 million people in Australia or (16% of the population) reported that they experienced back pain. 1

Alexander Technique involves practical training in how to move consciously and move well. You can apply what you learn into any activity and benefit from easy balance, great posture and correct joint use.

Number of people who self-reported back pain in Australia by age group.

Alexander Technique is Health Education. It has been taught for over 120 years. It is consistently recognised as an effective method for managing chronic back conditions.

When students apply the Technique, a large percentage consistently report reduction in pain.2

If you are struggling to make the bed, tie your shoes, sit and stand-why not find about the Alexander Technique?

“Omg my back just aches and aches and aches, just want it to just stop aching ” Back pain sufferer

Don’t put up with chronic back and neck pain.   Ron Thomas from Blaxland had chronic neck pain for many years.

He says, “I became very aware of my body and movements and my ability to make conscious decisions on how to move it. I have been pain free for some time now.”


Come to a back pain workshop

We are running a back pain management workshop on February 17th from 2pm until 4pm. Use Alexander Technique to manage your back pain. Places are limited. Grab a spot quickly.

Get access to our free easy to follow tips. Use them today!

Follow the link below for access to three useful tips that you can use to manage neck and back pain. Alexander Technique can be helpful for a range of chronic conditions such as:

      • Sciatica
      • Frozen shoulder
      • Back and neck pain
      • Tennis elbow
      • Repetitive strain injuries (RSI)
      • Carpal tunnel syndrome
      • Scoliosis
      • Tension headaches and more

Alexander Technique for back pain relief

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